September 21, 2023

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It might surprise you to know that Dr Tim Pearce – yes, the same Dr Tim Pearce who produces weekly YouTube videos and Instagram Lives on medical aesthetic topics – hates being on camera and admits to being a massive introvert. Over time he has learnt to overcome his fears, to feel at home in front of the camera, and wants to encourage you to do the same.

In this blog, Dr Tim quizzes his wife, business partner and creator of the Dream Customer Attraction Method, Miranda Pearce who has helped him on this journey to ‘get over it’. They discuss the essential processes you need to enact to propel the growth of your aesthetic brand using social media. Miranda gives some tips on how to supercharge your social media engagement and double your reach, and she explains how you can learn the simple steps to boss it on social and be fully booked in just 18 months by attending her next-level webinar.

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4 simple steps to starting to be successful on social media

If you are trying to build a clinic brand or a personal brand where your audience knows you as an expert, there are four steps that you need to implement to get you started, explains Dr Tim. The brainchild of these steps is his wife and marketing expert, Miranda Pearce.

Step 1: You do not need to be perfect in the beginning

aesthetics-mastery-podcastYour first step to success is doing a video imperfectly, advises Miranda. We all imagine – in those conversations with ourselves in our heads – that when we embark on creating video content, we will be incredibly professional and come across like a news anchor. But no matter how talented you are, you cannot kid yourself, because you will be ‘rubbish’ at the beginning. Have the courage to start, be brave enough at the beginning and embrace the fact that it will not be perfect, or even good from the start.

Dr Tim commended Miranda for pushing him to be brave, for embarking on Facebook Lives a decade ago and putting him in a situation that he could not ‘get out of’ – for his own good, explaining that if, like him, you are on the introverted end of the spectrum, you will experience discomfort. He believes that this prevents a lot of people from going through with creating video content because they feel that the discomfort is a sign that they should not be there – also known as imposter syndrome. However, it is a sign that you are in the right place. Believe in yourself and commit to doing something that feels a little frightening and you will demonstrate to yourself that you can step out of your comfort zone, improving every time you do it.

Step 2: You must commit to showing up regularly

The best way to achieve this is to pick a certain day in the week that works for you, or something that you do regularly at a given time most days, like walking the dog, or anything that is part of your morning routine, and while you are doing that you talk to your audience on your Instagram or Facebook stories, which can also be posted to TikTok. Miranda explains that you are more likely to commit to that small action of showing up regularly to create content for your audience because you can piggyback it onto other parts of your busy life.

Dr Tim noted that they have debated this a lot over the years, and he now acknowledges that Miranda is right (obviously). He admits to having had a fixation on content quality and particularly production quality; he only wanted content released that was polished, whilst Miranda encouraged him to simply make lots of content.

Miranda admits that both approaches work because there are people who only post once a month and still have millions of followers, but this is not the norm. For most of us dipping a toe into social media, we do not have incredible levels of production quality, especially at the start. The Aesthetic Mastery Show which Dr Tim and Miranda started on YouTube in 2020 had very low production quality in the beginning. Miranda believes that having the bravery to commit to small actions and creating content regularly, will help you to find your voice. It is better to ‘show up’ imperfectly and iterate (do it again and again) than to keep aiming for perfection, hoping you will achieve it, because, soon enough, you will not show up at all.

Step 3: Learn to systematise and iterate

Miranda Pearce InstagramThe next step is to repeat what you are doing, systematise with schedules to help you show up, and improve small things as you iterate.

Reflecting on their own experiences, Miranda explained that when they started the Aesthetic Mastery Show, it was filmed in an office and not the purpose-built studio they now occupy. During the COVID pandemic, they had to pivot and produce the show from a ‘shed studio’ at home, but every time they produced a show, they improved one small thing – from seating positions, lighting, or post-production details like video thumbnails. This meant that over time, it grew into a more polished production, crucially maintaining the goal of helping other aesthetic practitioners, improving the content not to make themselves feel better but to communicate better and more clearly with their audience.

Miranda recommends creating a regular content schedule that you commit to publicly, allowing you to consistently iterate, with regular repetition helping you to improve a little bit every week, instead of trying to get it all right in one go. Think of it like going to the gym to get that six-pack and big muscles. You will not do that after your first session, you must train and keep training regularly and you will improve compared to when you started.

Step 4: Do not feel that you have to go it alone

It can be difficult to get the content flowing in the early days, particularly if you are shy or an introvert, you may feel that you have no legitimate right to ‘show up’ and share your tips in front of a camera. The way to overcome this problem is to get someone else on board who will not judge you but will help – a friend, colleague, partner, or family member – and bring them along to help you film. They can feed you the questions to make the content more conversational and less focused on you doing a piece to the camera. Your delivery will be more natural and it will help you to relax; talking to people in a conversation is something you do every day when you consult your patients, so the video will use the same skills and be less daunting.

Data shows the secrets to success and patient acquisition on social media

Miranda has been conducting research on social media activity that drives new patient bookings. Learning some small tweaks to your current strategy can make significant differences in the performance of your social media channels.

She has a passion for social media and how aesthetic clinicians can get new business from it but knows that many practitioners give it a try, it does not work for them, and they lose heart. The best way to solve this is with real evidence and science so she set about surveying aesthetic clinicians and asked how many new bookings they were getting per week from social media. This data revealed a cohort who were consistently getting six new patient bookings per week. With the help of her colleague Edwin, they analysed the social media feeds of the most successful clinics and discovered that they were all undertaking the same four simple strategic steps. These findings confirmed Miranda’s theory for success which she wants to share with you on an upcoming marketing webinar.

Think about it, if you get six new patient enquiries per week, even with a 50% attrition rate, i.e., you lose half of them, you will fully book an aesthetic clinician’s time, 5 days a week with 10 appointments a day within 18 months. That is how you build a clinic from zero to fully booked within a year and a half; what a powerful goal.

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For more social media tips for aesthetic injectors, follow Miranda Pearce on Instagram and catch Miranda on TikTok. Dr Tim is always keen to hear about the experiences of his followers, you can find Dr Tim Pearce on Instagram if you have any comments or questions.

Aesthetics Mastery Show

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“🎉 MIRANDA IS BACK! Many of you have expressed how much you’ve missed seeing Miranda on my YouTube videos, and she’s making a comeback in this episode. Together, we’re delving into the essential process that propelled the growth of my aesthetic brand through social media.”

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