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Introducing 8D Lip Design

The World’s First Online Lip Training With Interactive 3D Anatomy And Injection Animation

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What’s Included?

3D video Masterclass e-learning 

  • 17 video modules with over 4 hours of key learning material including world’s first treatment plans in 3D and how to treat problem lip case studies

The secret to making more profit from your 8D Lips Training

  • Tim shares the secret to how to create ‘your brand’ instead of selling just ‘lip filler’.

360 Interactive Study Tool

  • An industry first, online 3D learning tool to literally get under the skin and explore anatomy and injection techniques interactively in 3Dimensions

Photography Course 

  • How to get the best lighting, use the right camera phone settings, the right background etc.. to create great before and afters


  • The step by step guide on how to consult using the 8Dimensions formula so you can design lip solutions
  • Photography consent form
  • The 9 step set up guide
  • Lip migration protocol
  • Lip migration aftercare leaflet
  • Lip filler aftercare and advice leaflet
  • Lip filler mini aftercare leaflet
  • Lip consultation question checklist
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Literally get under the skin and explore anatomy and injection techniques interactively in 3 dimensions.

Learn exactly where to inject and why it is safe and effective.


Visualise what’s actually happening beneath the surface when you inject so that you can finally get the results you see in your mind’s eye

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Inside This Breakthrough Course You Have Everything You Need To Immediately…

  • Get the kind of epic lip results you see on Instagram
  • ​Replace anxiety about M-shaped, asymmetrical, thin lips, with a feeling of confidence that you can handle any shape!
  • ​​Make your patients so happy that they tell all their friends
  • ​Avoid complications and complaints by visualising in 3D what’s actually happening under the skin’s surface
  • ​Stop feeling overwhelmed about which technique and product to choose, and instead learn a simple but wildly effective design formula
  • ​FINALLY start taking professional looking before and after lip photos to spread the word about your services…even if you’re not tech savvy!

Here’s What’s Included In The 8D Lip Design Course

8d lips modules

3D Video masterclasses

  • 4 hours of key learning material over 17 modules
  • ​3D visuals – see micro and macro lip anatomy and injection-points like NEVER before!
  • ​Lip design masterclass – make your patient feel special by giving them an individual lip design instead of off-the-shelf approach they can get anywhere
  • 7 Injection technique video masterclasses: Sculpting, 4mm, ​Tenting, ​Cannula, ​​Russian, ​Restoration, ​Botulinum Toxin – taught and critiqued like you’ve never experienced before
  • ​Product & tools tutorials – learn which filler brands and & needles/cannula are best for your patients
  • 3 problem lips case studies: finally master M-shaped, asymmetrical, and thin lips
  • ​Lifetime access
  • ​Free upgrades when case studies are added
360 interactive tool

360 Interactive Study Tool

  • World’s first fully interactive 3D lip model designed specifically for Aesthetic Injectors
  • ​Zoom in and out and rotate at your pace
  • ​Lip anatomy cross-section to explore anatomical layers
  • Avoid complications by quickly refreshing yourself on the location of key vessels
  • Gain injection confidence with full 3d images of 7 main injection techniques
  • Impress your patients by showing them what their lips look like inside!
  • Compatible with all major devices eg tablets, phones, laptops

​Perfect if you are a visual learner

Bonus profit workshop

Bonus Workshop: 

How To Use 8D Lips To Double Your Lip Profits Overnight

  • Exclusive bonus module showing step-by-step how to use 8D Lips to double your profits
  • Stop competing on price-per-ml and create a brand instead
  • ​Become the go-to Lip Queen/King of your area
  • ​After implementing this one module alone, the whole 8D course will be paid for in just a handful of treatments

Patient Preparation & Protocols Pack

  • 10 x high quality print-outs of each of the following: ‘Lip filler quick guide’, ‘Lip filler aftercare guide’ & ‘Lip migration aftercare guide’
  • 5 x printed ‘8D Consultation Success Blueprint’ 4 page proforma
  • ​1 x printed ‘Lip Migration Protocol’
  • 1 x printed ‘Lip consultation question checklist’
  • Clear and bright designs, good enough to display on your clinic walls
  • ​Also available to download in PDF
  • Free international postage

Industry Photography Secrets Course:

How To Create Stunning Before & Afters Even If You’re Not Tech Savvy

  • End the frustration of good lip results looking terrible in photos!
  • 9 step process to create before and afters you’re proud to put on Instagram
  • ​Lifting the lid on industry insiders’ photo secrets
  • Lighting and technique advice
  • ​The best camera angles, phone settings, composition and backgrounds to get that perfect flattering shot
  • ​How to ethically edit your pictures, including which apps are best
  • Prevent legal threats with the downloadable photography marketing consent form
Technique critiques

1 Minute Techniques-At-Glance Guides

You don’t always have time to review full e-learning modules, so we created a quick and easy technique reference guide.

  • Quick to use, clear and bright designs
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • ​Use the scoring of the 7 techniques at a glance to inform your patients

Lip Design Club

Consolidate your 8D learning and stay accountable with immediate access to our uplifting 8D chat support group

  • Lifetime access to private Telegram chat group
  • Feel part of a team of like-minded clinicians all striving towards the same goal
  • Share your wins and discuss difficult cases
  • ​Tag Dr Tim for his feedback on your results, and the chance to be featured more widely
  • Access link will be emailed to you after 8D purchase
CPD certified
CPD Accreditation

The 8D Lip Design Training Course  is fully accredited by the CPD Certification Service for 6 hours theory online CPD hours/points.

14 day guarantee
14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Dr Tim Pearce is so confident you will love the e-learning courses that we’re giving you a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Lifetime access
Lifetime Access

Any new modules or material will be added to your account automatically, so there’s no need to buy another course to get the very latest content.

Telegram Logo
Telegram Group

This course includes access to our exclusive 8D Lip Design Group on the Telegram app.

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14 day guarantee
14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Dr Tim Pearce is so confident you will love the e-learning courses that we’re giving you a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Highly Rated On Trustpilot

Find the latest reviews of Dr Tim Pearce's eLearning aesthetics programmes on Trustpilot

trustpilot review 8d lips jessica
Nathalie 8D lips review trustpilot


Wonderful course
I love the detail that Dr. Tim uses in all of his courses, but the 8D lecture series is the best yet! I feel much more confident about injecting lips since completing the course, and love that so many techniques were taught, and the rationale behind each one reviewed. Dr Molly Trostle via Trustpilot
This course will be a game changer
Just started with the intro and straight away I could put words to the reason why this course will be a game changer for me... other courses and f2f teach us how to inject and give us protocols. We then all have to know our anatomy and be prepared for complications. But nobody teaches us how the products we inject are placed under the skin so for someone like me that still have to wait a bit for an ultrasound device this course should help me a lot!
The most useful tool
It's probably the most useful tool I've had in the tens of thousands spent on training. I'm sure you're both robust enough but I just wanted to reach out regardless and say it's an amazing book and worth its money alone which (if I'm honest didn't think it would be what it is and I don't mean that rudely or offensively)... it's informative - unbiased/objective and well thought out and put together. Mark Aesthetics Nurse Injector
The book and modules
I love the way the book and modules are laid out. You can repeat or go ahead as you need Thank you. Laslie Tidd via TrustPilot
The best eLearning course for lip design ever

Everything I need to know about lip filler is in this course. Anatomy, patient management, injection techniques, different young and aging lips. Patient consultation. Clear idea what will be the outcome of the chosen technique and type of filler. Avoiding compilations. Excellent academic content. Very good communication with the supporting team.

Ivet Pavlova via Trustpilot

Real, practical advice
Fabulous resource. Real, practical advice - invaluable in dealing with the huge variety of lips presenting for treatment. The quality of videos and close ups is excellent. I’ve attended lots of advanced training over the last 12 months and this really is value for money. I particularly liked the 2 types of filler approach and hyalase with cannula. Thank you and great work once again. Jayne Taylor Reviewed via Facebook
Obsessed with the 8D Manual
I recently purchased the 8D Lips Course and I'm obsessed. The 3D tool combined with the 8D Lip Injection Manual makes everything so much easier to understand. The manual looks beautiful in my clinic and it's really helpful in showing patients how I'm going to achieve their result visually. I always have this manual on hand when I need it and it's really helped me perfect my techniques and learn new ones! Jessica via Trustpilot
Loving the 8D course
Loving the 8D course already and all the video imaging and resources Kristinerla
Lip Restoration
Dr Tim is not only an expert in his field but also a creative artist in his work. He is gentle and makes sure you remain comfortable throughout the treatment....JUST AMAZING !!
Lip beginner
Dr. Pearce explains everything very clearly, from the basics. All the instructions were easy to follow. The end when he explains all the potential complications and how to manage them is also very helpful.
Levelled up, again, with Dr. Tim. <3
As an experienced injector, I now feel prepared for next level in my lip treatments after completing this course. Confidence: up. Technical skill: up. Photography tips, and social media: UP! Dr. Tim delivered yet another course that was logical, sequential, scientifically approached and ethical. Appreciate Dr. Tim and Miranda sooo much! Robin P via Trustpilot
Extremely thorough!
Tim's tutor style and the practical technique that he has developed and broken down into steps, has very quickly enabled me to advance my skills in lip enhancement. The little tips that are unique to Dr Tim make a huge aesthetic difference to the lips. You get extremely thorough theory information,  which includes initial consultation advice, right through to aftercare instructions and charts on management of side effects and complications. This differs from other courses that I have been which have solely concentrated on technique alone. I know that I am going to be referring to my manual for years to come! [Taken from a google review]
Excellent education resources
As a professor of nursing I have for many years evaluated educational products. I am also a part time nurse injector and I recently purchased the 8D Lip Design package and it is by far one of the most excellent educational packages I have reviewed. Dr Tim and his team are spot on with the services they provide. I highly recommend any of their educational resources. Thank you for all you do! Paul and Kristen Mattox via TrustPilot
Course graphics are on point and above expectations
The 8D Lips Course offers very relevant and useful information For all injectors. I have been following Dr Tim for a while. He is very knowledgeable and offers valuable information for new and experienced injectors. The concepts and material presented in the 8 D Lips Course will most definitely be incorporated into my practice. The course graphics are on point and above expectations. I am on my 5th module and very pleased with the 8D Lips Course. Beverly Hodges Via Trustpilot
Confidence from careful consideration
I have been injecting for four years. There are several areas that I just cannot feel good about. I am planning to learn ultrasound very soon and I feel that will improve my confidence in the piriform, temple, and lip area. I really want to create amazing lips as I feel my competition does not really deliver in that area- I need to do it safely and confidently. This class really helped me appreciate the anatomy more clearly. I have done cadaver labs but have always felt after the changes that take place, it’s hard to compare apples to apples. These models are very helpful in that they more closely approximate, in my opinion, my patient. I truly need to feel that I’m doing everything to keep my patient safe while also rendering the BEST result for them. I’m another step closer to my goal!!! Dr Tim, thanks so much for the way you care about patient safety and results. Your compassion and heart shine through in this course. Thanks so much!! Mandi Allen-Bell (inner circle alumni 😀) Mandi Allen-Bell via Trustpilot
8D lips is absolutely Amazing!
I purchased the course during the original webinar and I absolutely loved it! It is one of the most comprehensive courses from anatomy, to how to discuss the treatment with your patient and best of all were the case studies! I honestly would love to get more case studies! They are so interesting and educational for me to see the 8D analysis, the approach, and then the final product after treatment. Absolutely the best lip course I have taken so far! Can't wait to start implementing these techniques in my practice! I hope to one day save up to have Dr. Tim train me in the U. K. But until then I will continue to learn from the amazing videos and webinars. Thank you so much Dr. Tim and Miranda! Absolutely love you guys! ❤️ Yvette Gonzalez via Trustpilot
8D lip testimonial
I was privileged to be invited to Dr Tim’s 8D3D lips masterclass on 14th July 2022. There were 6 delegates all mastery colleagues present. This is a new masterclass created by Dr Tim. Dr Tim’s insight into education is top class. His delivery of ideas and concepts reaches & captivates his students. The delivery of the content by Dr Tim & on screen was clear to understand especially the anatomy education aided by the 3D videos of the techniques. It’s difficult to imagine a 3 D plane but seeing it on video clarified it into my imagination. The practical session presented 4 cases all with different lips to be enhanced. The consultation & the planning of the injection technique with the patient made them feel very involved & heard. We had examples of young beautifully shaped lips needing just a little fine tuning, to older lips needing volumisation, shaping, projection etc. Personally I have been nervous about using needle in the lip body since I had a vascular occlusion 3 years ago. I have been using cannula and experience loss of filler posteriorly as it is difficult to guide a cannula gently anteriorly. It is difficult to be precise with a cannula & therefore difficult to create a nice shape. My lip business has become minimal as I avoid. This training has given me confidence to use needle again safely creating nice rejuvenated lips. Margie Lynch via Trustpilot
8D isn’t just another lip course!
As an experienced aesthetics nurse I’ve completed a fair few training courses. 8D is something else! It’s not just another a clinician trying to market their latest lip technique. Tim has clearly invested himself in this course, he discusses the mountain of techniques out there, the pros and cons from a practitioners perspective His approach to consultation is something I have implemented in my practice and it has changed both the experience for my patients and for me. Highly recommend Claire Lavery Aesthetics via Trustpilot

Who is it For?

Dr Tim Pearce’s eLearning courses are aimed at medical professionals and do not replace the need for practical face-to-face training, which this course is designed to complement. This course is not suitable for non-medical practitioners and all medical practitioners should also seek practical hands-on training, which is available at, before purchasing eLearning.

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To Download

Please click each of the links below to access the relevant protocols and documents. You can then save them to your device or print for future reference.

Course Handbook

  • The Book of Lips handbook


  • 8D Lip Design Consultation Guide
  • 8D Lips Patient Consent Form
  • Lips Aftercare Leaflet for Patients
  • Filler migration protocol
  • Filler migration advice leaflet


  • POSTER – A3 Lip anatomy poster
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