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Discounted Dermal Fillers & BOTOX® Treatments With Dr Tim Pearce

You could benefit from savings of over 50% on the normal treatment price, as well as having the peace of mind that one of the world’s leading practitioners is carrying out the treatment. delivers online training courses in the latest aesthetic injectable treatments to practitioners worldwide. Due to ongoing expansion of our courses as well as our regular YouTube show and social media activity, we have regular requirements for models for BOTOX® and dermal fillers.

It is a unique opportunity to get treatment with one of the world’s leading experts in injectable treatments. You can expect outstanding results from your treatment while also saving £00s on the cost.

As a model, you simply agree to be filmed, photographed and watched having treatment; in return for which you can benefit from sizeable savings on the normal treatment price. Your treatment will NOT be carried out by a trainee, but by Dr Tim Pearce himself or else one of his hand-picked clinicians.

There will be a full consultation prior to treatment (no extra charges apply for this) in order to fully assess your needs. Treatments will be designed around you and your own unique requirements and physiology. We fully take on board your preferences with regard to appearance and experiences of previous treatments too and use these insights to design the perfect set of treatments for your benefit. So there’s no compromise at all on the high quality of service and treatment – just a great discount in return for sharing your experience with our professionals in the aesthetic treatments industry.

Precision Injecting

You'll typically pay half price or even less!

Popular Treatment Options

Anti-wrinkle treatment with
BOTOX® (botulinum toxin)

Dermal fillers with
Juvéderm® ULTRA

Lip enhancement with
Juvéderm® fillers

Cheek Enhancement with
Juvéderm® VOLUMA

What’s it like to be a model for Dr Tim?

The model experience photos

Dr Tim Model Consultation


Full pre-treatment consultation and consent with medically-qualified Aesthetic Clinician

Dr Tim Model Photos


Before and after treatment, we take photos for use on our website and in eLearning courses

Dr Tim Model Studio


Treatments are filmed and photographed at our Manchester-based recording studio

Dr Tim Model Treatment


Your treatment will be carried out to the highest standards using top-brand products and equipment

Before & After Photos

Results of Treatment by Dr Tim Pearce - BOTOX, Dermal Fillers, Lip Enhancement...

Find our Studio

Cotton Court, Middlewich Rd, Holmes Chapel, Crewe CW4 7ET

Dr Tim Pearce Models FAQ

Why should I become a model?

  • Models benefit from significantly reduced treatment prices to the normal market rate, but with no compromise on the quality of treatment or experienced
  • Your treatment will be carried out by Dr Tim Pearce himself or else a highly experienced clinician
  • Becoming a model can be a great way to try a new treatment that you’ve not tried before

What treatments can I have as a model?

We have a variety of requirements and are always looking for new models. Please get in touch and we’ll try and match applications with the latest opportunities. Here are a few examples of the treatment opportunities that may be available:

  • Dermal fillers
    • Cheek Enhancement, Tear Troughs (Under Eye Hollows)
    • Nose Reshaping
    • Mouth-to-chin Lines, Nose-to-mouth Lines
  • Lip filler
    • Lip Enhancement, Lines, Imbalanced Lips, Smokers’ Lines
  • BOTOX/botulinum toxin
    • Forehead Lines, Frown Lines, Crows’ Feet, Brow Lift
    • Gummy Smile, Jaw Line (Nefertiti Lift), Down-turned Mouth, Neck Lines (Platysmal Bands/‘Tram Lines’)
    • Excessive Sweating

How much will I pay as a model? What will I save?

Prices vary depending on what treatment you’re having and our current requirements, but models typically pay than less half the normal price of treatment.

We will give a quote based on your needs prior to booking  your model appointment, so you’ll know up front what you can expect to pay. All prices are confirmed in person after consultation and before you go ahead with your treatment.

How are the recordings/photos used?

The entire journey will be filmed for training purposes. The footage, images and other assets are then used to teach healthcare professionals to do outstanding technical work in a way which more deeply benefits their patients inside and out.  To do this we are looking for people happy to share their journey and to be treated by Dr Tim Pearce in a film studio.

How much time will it take?

You should expect to be with us for approximately 2 hours.

Where is treatment held?

We film in our studios in Holmes Chapel. This is very close to Junction 18 of the M6.

What else should I know?

You must be happy to share your story – we know the real effect of the right treatment is much more than skin deep, and we need to capture on video some of your thoughts and feelings during the consultation, as well as the treatment itself.

How do I apply?

Please use the form below. You’ll then receive a reply inviting you to submit more information and photos. We will then contact you directly via email or phone to discuss your suitability, check dates and availability, and then make arrangements for you to have treatment.

Models policy to follow.

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    ☑ I am happy to share my story and the procedure, and the before and after result with practitioners on the internet for both learning and promotional material.

    What Next?

    You’ll receive an email, asking you to send at least 1 photo of yourself in good light with no filter as shown. Please do this and we’ll be in touch!

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