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Revealed: The Secret Video Marketing Hacks Successful Aesthetic Clinicians Use To Make Themselves “Competition And Price Proof”

This works even if you’re terrified of speaking in front of a camera

If you’re a healthcare professional in aesthetics, then I bet one of your biggest worries is cheap competition.

You’ve got the qualifications, the expertise, the quality products… so why should you have to hurt your business by getting into a price war and racing to the bottom?

My name is Miranda Pierce and I started an aesthetics clinic 15 years ago with my husband, Dr Tim Pearce.

Since then, we’ve grown our clinic to multiple millions in revenue, and even started a thriving training academy.

And if you asked me what ONE THING I credit our success to most, it would be video marketing.

We discovered that video marketing allowed us to build more trust, book more patients and become basically competition-proof.

But don’t get me wrong… we were both RUBBISH on camera when we first started out.

I felt ugly and had to pep talk myself into showing up on camera, and Tim suffered with crippling public speaking anxiety.

But plucking up the courage to do it was the start of the journey that has now led us to:

185,000+ Instagram
followers combined

97,000+ YouTube


Millions in revenue and

thousands of loyal customers

Video is without a doubt the most powerful marketing strategy available to us all as business owners because:

  • You can build a deep human connection with your audience that no one else can replicate or compete with. After all, there’s only one YOU.
  • Your face becomes known and it becomes worth something because it’s associated with the value you put out in the content you share.

If you’re always looking around you at all the cheaper competition popping up all over the place, you’ll only ever be able to compete on price.

Video is the perfect tool to help you make yourself the standout choice, because it allows your dream customers to connect with you in a much more meaningful way.

We’ve built a multi-million dollar business off the back of video marketing, and we’ve helped thousands of other injectors do the same.

video course review 1
video course review 3
video course review 2

Now if you’re sitting there thinking… “well good for them, but I can’t do that.”

If you see the words “video marketing” and recoil in horror, thinking any of these things…

  • “I could never speak in front of a camera, let alone create and share videos publicly!”
  • “I wouldn’t even know where to start”
  • “I’m too… old, young, ugly, (fill in insecurity)”

Then you’re in the right place.

It took Tim 9 years to get confident enough to really go all in on video marketing, and it took me years of showing up every single day on camera to really master it.

We’re now pulling back the curtains and sharing our best secrets, tips and hacks that we’ve learnt along the way, and that will make your journey to confidently creating video content:

  • Take a fraction of the time (no matter where you’re starting from)
  • Feel effortless and easy (no matter how big your list of worries and insecurities)


How To Find Your Voice On Video

The best PROVEN hacks to get confident on camera, connect with your audience, increase your bookings, and create long-term and loyal patients.

All through the power of video marketing.

Inside the course you’ll learn…

  • Why video is the number one best marketing strategy to make you competition and price proof.
  • How to turn your biggest insecurities into your strongest competitive advantages.
  • Secret sources of endless video ideas so that you always know what to record and share.
  • Ingenious hacks to help you speak confidently on camera if you blank, stutter, stumble on your words or freeze.
  • The best ways to create content in a way that works for your schedule, your character and your preferences.
  • How to turn your fear of haters into a marker of your success.
  • The easiest and lowest risk ways to get started with video TODAY.

Inside you’ll get access to:

Professional video course packed full of easy-to-implement strategies, proven tips and hacks.

Worth £197

Action worksheet to help you implement
and start making progress TODAY.

Worth £27

Total Value: £224

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