Botulinum toxin is still most clinics’ number one revenue-generating treatment. But, can you be sure the injection patterns you’re giving your patients time and again are still up to date with best practice?

In this beautifully illustrated and easy to understand 8 page guide, Dr Pearce maps out 26 essential injection patterns for:

✅ Glabella lines (frown)
✅ Lateral canthal lines (crows’ feet)
✅ Forehead lines

Including licenced doses and off-licence variants for:

✅ Botox
✅ Azzalure
✅ BoCouture

And he also recommends the best injection patterns for:

✅ Men with strong muscles
✅ Brow lifts
✅ Different sized foreheads (think Ant Mcpartlin and Zayn Malik!)

He also outlines how to avoid common poor results such as those experienced by Simon Cowell and Wayne Rooney.


26 Essential Injection Patterns For Botulinum Toxin

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