Are you looking to learn the vital knowledge and techniques to perform Botulinum Toxin treatments? Below you will find Dr Tim’s 26 essential Botox injection patterns.

It is important as a medical professional you have the knowledge you need to treat your clients in the safest & most effective way you can.

My Botox Injection Patterns Guide is the complete package for anyone who is looking to master a variety of techniques you can use to treat different types of client safely & efficiently.

The techniques will include:

  • Step by step guides on how to execute the different injection techniques
  • High-quality & detailed visuals
  • Anatomical knowledge of the muscles in your face
  • Paint by numbers approach so you can easily follow the guidance in a real-life practice
  • Detailed explanations to help you understand the core knowledge around performing Botox treatments
  • Area-specific injection techniques

26 Essential Injection Patterns For Botulinum Toxin

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