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What’s Included?

Online Lessons & Tests

  • Introduction
  • Non-Inflammatory Lesions
  • Inflammatory Lesions
  • Haematoma
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Nerve Injury
  • Salivary Gland Injury
  • Blindness
  • Impending Necrosis
  • Stroke
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus Module: Nose Occlusion
  • Dr Tim – Aspirating Experiment


Course Handbook

filler complications handbook

Dermal Filler Complications Course Handbook

Safety System

complication protocols

  • Blindness Protocol
  • Emergency Reversal Protocol
  • Non-inflammatory Lesions Protocol
  • Inflammatory Lesions Protocol
  • Elective Reversal Protocol
  • Infection Quick Reference Guidelines
  • Periorbital Oedema Protocol
  • Diagnosing Complications 7 Steps To Get Great Complications Advice

consent forms

  • Dermal Filler Consent Form
  • Hyalase Consent Form

aftercare leaflets

Customisable Dermal Filler Aftercare Leaflet (add your own logo!)

How to Manage & Avoid Dermal Filler Complications

Advanced dermal filler course

An illustrated and animated video guide to every dermal filler complication; diagnosis, pathogenesis, treatment guide and preventative techniques.

  • Understand the specific causes
  • How to diagnose
  • How to manage
  • How to avoid

Hours of footage, easily accessible – watch again and again!

Video Introduction by Dr Tim Pearce

Dermal Filler Complications Mastery Course

Most aesthetic practitioners think they’re alone when it comes to anxiety around dermal filler complications and follow-ups.

And for the majority, joining forums and Googling side effects can make you feel worse.

My Dermal Fillers Complications Mastery course instantly gives you access to a comprehensive mastery program with learning material and resources to start you off on your way to mastering aesthetic complications.

You won’t only have access to an incredibly detailed set of video tutorials, covering every complication you’re ever likely to face, you’ll also receive a library of assets:

  • Protocols – to rapidly diagnose and manage all the major complications you could see
  • Safety system – to keep you and your patients safe
  • Consent forms – to protect you from litigation
  • Aftercare leaflets – to protect your patients from harm and worry

To really bring home the reality of some of the rarest complications, I have also interviewed clinicians and patients who have faced the worst complications.

These Case Studies include:

  • Nerve Injury
  • Visual loss
  • Anaphylaxis

Nothing will make your learning more relevant than hearing these stories.

If there’s one thing the client care more about than price, it’s safety. So, I really want you to go to promote yourself using this course.

My wish is that you will be able to identify and handle every one of the major complications and side effects that you will come across in medical aesthetics and that this will set you free from worry and enable you to surge forward with building your practice while your patients are safe.

filler complications

Who is it For?

Dr Tim Pearce’s eLearning courses are aimed at medical professionals and do not replace the need for practical face-to-face training, which this course is designed to complement. This course is not suitable for non-medical practitioners and all medical practitioners should also seek practical hands-on training, which is available at, before purchasing eLearning.

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Lifetime Access

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Online Course Reviews

I have learned a lot
I have learned a lot from this and I think everyone willing to take a turn to Aesthetics field should too.
I am a GP willing to start my career in Aesthetic Medicine. I've been cruising around several YouTube channels in which I could start my self-learning journey. I have subscribed to a decent number of courses and I can really compare now. Medicine is always a tricky field and not everyone out there is willing to give their secret tips and what to be aware of.
Dr Tim's mastery of complications course has been comprehensive, simple, straight forward and down to the point. I have finished the first part about the complications of Botox use and I can say it feels like I've earned knowledge. Not just on the theoretical side but on the practical side too.
Highly recommend for injectors of all skill levels
Dr Tim’s complication/anxiety program for injectors has been wonderful for me as a new injector. I was a bit unsure if it would be worth the money, however, I am only through the first part and I can already tell it is well worth it! Dr Tim has created a community of supportive and skilled injectors as well as provided wonderful, detailed videos to learn from. The combination of live support for complications and education is invaluable and I will be using this for years to come. Highly recommend
Highly recommend Dr Tim Pearce
I’ve been watching Dr Tim and his lovely wife Miranda on their YouTube channel for a while now. Absolutely love their videos. Decided I would sign up to one of their live webinars on complications and from that I purchased the complications mastery online course. The knowledge Dr Tim has for aesthetics is so impressive and Miranda from the business side of it. I’ve learnt so much from this course through the videos on complications with fillers and Botox. From purchasing the course I’m part of a WhatsApp chat group and an emergency VO group as well as being on their Facebook page. Being part of a social network for advice and support is second to none. Would highly recommend this course and can’t wait to do further training with him in October for his cheek course.
Great educational information
Great educational information on all aspects of aesthetics. Really enjoy videos and webinars.
Great course to gain confidence!!!
I just finished watching dermal fillers complications and I am really extremely happy that I bought this package. What is good about this course that you can come back when you want to refresh your knowledge and watch again. It is good to make a rule for ourselves to watch these videos once a year for Cosmetic injector just to refresh knowledge. So I am highly recommend to look in to this course if you want to get more confidence how to deal with complications Thank you so much Dr Tim for sharing knowledge!!!
Fantastic to learn from
Hello Tim, I just wanted to contact you. I brought your complication training back in March/April time. It’s been fantastic to learn from. This weekend I had a nurse practicing in aesthetics contact me and ask for my assistance. Even though I have never faced a VO my self I felt calm and prepared for this. I followed all information as on the emergency procedure poster I was given with the training. I just want to thank you for such a informative course you have made for us and for the WhatsApp group. It’s great to have that there for added support. Emily x
Fantastic in depth training
Having had various training with other providers no one comes close to explaining the theory in as much detail and helping you to understand all areas of safe practice and why you are doing what you are doing. I love that there is not a time limit on the digital learning resources as it allows you to go back and quickly refresh if there is a particular procedure that you don’t do very often. I am definitely a loyal convert now!
Course Helped Bridge Gap in my Knowledge
On completion of a foundation course in toxin and filler from another training academy I quickly realised that I had not gained the necessary knowledge and skill to inject safely. I then purchased Dr Tim Peace’s E-learning foundation in Toxin and Filler and Complication Mastery. The courses have helped greatly and filled the gaps in my knowledge. The courses are easily accessible and the content and teaching style flows beautifully.
All the online packages
I have all the online E learning packages by Tim and I absolutely love them. I truly believe I would not be as successful as I am in this industry was it not for the support. Sophie Dyson Reviewed via Facebook

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