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Video Introduction by Dr Tim Pearce

How to Manage & Avoid Dermal Filler Complications – £995

Most aesthetic practitioners think they’re alone when it comes to anxiety around complications and follow-ups.

And for the majority, joining forums and Googling side effects can make you feel worse.

My Dermal Fillers Complications Mastery course instantly gives you access to a comprehensive mastery program with learning material and resources to start you off on your way to mastering aesthetic complications.

You won’t only have access to an incredibly detailed set of video tutorials, covering every complication you’re ever likely to face, you’ll also receive a library of assets:

  • Protocols – to rapidly diagnose and manage all the major complications you could see
  • Safety system – to keep you and your patients safe
  • Consent forms – to protect you from litigation
  • Aftercare leaflets – to protect your patients from harm and worry

To really bring home the reality of some of the rarest complications, I have also interviewed clinicians and patients who have faced the worst complications.

These Case Studies include:

  • Nerve Injury
  • Visual loss
  • Anaphylaxis

Nothing will make your learning more relevant than hearing these stories.

If there’s one thing the client care more about than price, it’s safety. So, I really want you to go to promote yourself using this course.

My wish is that you will be able to identify and handle every one of the major complications and side effects that you will come across in medical aesthetics and that this will set you free from worry and enable you to surge forward with building your practice while your patients are safe.

facebook iconDermal Filler Complications Mastery Group on Facebook

This course includes exclusive access to Dr Tim Pearce’s Dermal Filler Complications Mastery Facebook Group. Please contact our team after purchase to be added to the group.  0161 850 2491.

CPD Member LogoCPD Accreditation

This eLearning course is fully accredited by the CPD Certification Service. This equates to the following CPD hours/points:

  • 5 hours theory online

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident you will love the e-learning courses that I’m giving you a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Any Queries?

We’re here to help! Please call 0161 850 2491 and we’ll be glad to assist.

Price – £995

This course covers modules including:

Impending Necrosis | Haematoma | Blindness | Nerve Injury | Infection | Salivary Gland Injury | Inflammatory Lesions | Non-Inflammatory Lesions | Stroke

filler complications

Who is it For?

Dr Tim Pearce’s eLearning courses are aimed at medical professionals and do not replace the need for practical face-to-face training, which this course is designed to complement. This course is not suitable for non-medical practitioners and all medical practitioners should also seek practical hands-on training first, before purchasing eLearning

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