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My online eLearning courses provide support and insight for medical professionals. If you’ve already had hands-on training in BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers, then these resources will not only help you to consolidate that learning, they’ll take you to another level.

Get my expert knowledge on injectable treatments with tips you can use in your own practice today!

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filler complications

Dermal Filler Complications

My latest eLearning course is designed to help you understand, diagnose, treat and avoid complications with dermal fillers.

Impending Necrosis | Haematoma | Blindness | Nerve Injury | Infection | Salivary Gland Injury | Inflammatory Lesions | Non-Inflammatory Lesions | Stroke

Join me, and raise the bar in medical aesthetics.

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Learn at your own pace as there are no deadlines for completion. Perfect for people with busy schedules


Whether you’re at home, work or travelling. The courses can be accessed again and again, anywhere, anytime


I’m focused on your outcomes and you’ll be able to monitor your student progress with your progress tracking tools.

Dermal Fillers – eLearning Foundation Course

The core knowledge and skills to safely and effectively treat the face with dermal fillers.

Dermal Fillers - £199

BOTOX® in Aesthetic Medicine – Foundation Course

This course introduces the core knowledge and processes you need to successfully treat the upper face with BOTOX®.

BOTOX® Foundation Course - £159

Botulinum Toxin Complications

eLearning course designed to help you understand, diagnose, treat and avoid complications.

Eyelid Ptosis | Brow Ptosis | Cheek Ptosis | Lip Ptosis | Oedema | Bruising

lips online training

Lip Masters©

Advanced Techniques in Augmentation & Restoration

Lip Masters is different to other courses. If you are a healthcare professional, already experienced in lip augmentation, this online course will help you enhance your techniques, knowledge, safety and communication skills to help you thrive in Medical Aesthetics.

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