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Improve Your Medical Aesthetics Business

My online aesthetics courses are designed to provide support and insight for medical professionals. If you’ve already had hands-on training in BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers, then these resources will not only help you to consolidate that learning, they’ll take you to another level.

Get my expert knowledge on injectable treatments with tips you can use in your own practice today!

I’m raising the bar for the aesthetics sector, but most importantly we’re doing it together!


Learn at your own pace as there are no deadlines for completion. Perfect for people with busy schedules


Whether you’re at home, work or travelling. The courses can be accessed again and again, anywhere, anytime


I’m focused on your outcomes and you’ll be able to monitor your student progress with your progress tracking tools.

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8D Lip Design

The world’s first online lip training with interactive 3d anatomy and injection animation

Lip anatomy as you’ve never seen it before – literally get under the skin and explore anatomy and injection techniques interactively in 3 dimensions. Learn exactly where to inject and why it is safe and effective.

Watch injection techniques happen in 3D motion. Visualise what’s actually happening beneath the surface when you inject so that you can finally get the results you see in your mind’s eye

£350 x 6 monthly payments
OR £1,997 one-time payment (save £103)

BOTOX® Foundation Course

Online BOTOX® training eLearning course and resources for medical professionals.

Dermal Fillers Foundation Course

The core knowledge and skills to safely and effectively treat the face with dermal fillers.

botox complications

Botulinum Toxin Complications Mastery

Advanced aesthetics online course designed to help you understand, diagnose, treat and avoid complications with botulinum toxin (BOTOX®).

Eyelid Ptosis | Brow Ptosis | Cheek Ptosis | Lip Ptosis | Oedema | Bruising

£90 x 6 monthly payments
OR £495 one-time payment (save £45)

filler complications

Dermal Filler Complications Mastery

Advanced eLearning aesthetics course designed to help practitioners to understand, diagnose, treat and avoid complications with dermal fillers.

Impending Necrosis | Haematoma | Blindness | Nerve Injury | Infection | Salivary Gland Injury | Inflammatory Lesions | Non-Inflammatory Lesions | Stroke

£180 x 6 monthly payments
OR £990 one-time payment (save £90)

Join me, and raise the bar in medical aesthetics

Dr Tim Pearce

DCAM 2.0

Dream Customer Attraction Method

Learn the hidden secret of high-earning injectors on social media and how this proven strategy is helping them secure 6+ bookings per week:

39 Video Tutorials | ‘The Purple Book’ | Content Cheat Cards | Canva Mastery Course | Canva Templates | Time-Saving Bible | DCAM Community Access

£350 x 6 monthly payments OR £1,997 one-time payment

Total Value £15,026 – Save 76%!

DCAM 2.0 What's Included Bundle
Great addition to the fillers foundation course! After this, I feel like I have so many tools to treat all shapes of lips and patient goals.
Wonderful course
I love the detail that Dr. Tim uses in all of his courses, but the 8D lecture series is the best yet! I feel much more confident about injecting lips since completing the course, and love that so many techniques were taught, and the rationale behind each one reviewed. Dr Molly Trostle via Trustpilot
Thumbs up
A great educational informative & learning opportunity for those who want to learn, I appreciate it a lot. Thumbs up.
This is really helping me!!
DCAM gave me a MINDSET to market to my dream customers. NOT TO EVERYONE!! I always knew that 80% of our monies came from 20% of our patients. I needed to target my marketing to people who fit my vide; people who appreciated the type of aesthetic I offer. I learned that the best way to do this was to simply be myself. I stopped trying to manipulate my persona to fit what I believed people wanted and became more confident in my own skills, my own persona, and to believe in ME. The rest followed. Constance Hall via TrustPilot
This course will be a game changer
Just started with the intro and straight away I could put words to the reason why this course will be a game changer for me... other courses and f2f teach us how to inject and give us protocols. We then all have to know our anatomy and be prepared for complications. But nobody teaches us how the products we inject are placed under the skin so for someone like me that still have to wait a bit for an ultrasound device this course should help me a lot!
The online botox course was just what I needed
I attended the Foundation Botox and Fillers course at Skinviva in December 2021. It was a couple of months later before I had my first botox client so I was feeling a bit apprehensive. The online botox course was just what I needed. It refreshed all my knowledge and the videos of the procedures and doses were incredibly helpful and gave me the confidence to get started. Highly recommend. Lisa Dade via Trustpilot
The most useful tool
It's probably the most useful tool I've had in the tens of thousands spent on training. I'm sure you're both robust enough but I just wanted to reach out regardless and say it's an amazing book and worth its money alone which (if I'm honest didn't think it would be what it is and I don't mean that rudely or offensively)... it's informative - unbiased/objective and well thought out and put together. Mark Aesthetics Nurse Injector
The book and modules
I love the way the book and modules are laid out. You can repeat or go ahead as you need Thank you. Laslie Tidd via TrustPilot
The best eLearning course for lip design ever

Everything I need to know about lip filler is in this course. Anatomy, patient management, injection techniques, different young and aging lips. Patient consultation. Clear idea what will be the outcome of the chosen technique and type of filler. Avoiding compilations. Excellent academic content. Very good communication with the supporting team.

Ivet Pavlova via Trustpilot

Secrets to growing your aesthetics business
Buy this course if you want all the secrets to growing your aesthetics business. The DCAM course has been so valuable to me as a new aesthetics practitioner. Miranda is a complete gem and her advice is invaluable. The modules are easy to digest and her mindset must haves within each module gives you the confidence boost to do everything you need in order to grow your aesthetics business via social media for absolutely free. Kalah Brown Via Trustpilot
Real, practical advice
Fabulous resource. Real, practical advice - invaluable in dealing with the huge variety of lips presenting for treatment. The quality of videos and close ups is excellent. I’ve attended lots of advanced training over the last 12 months and this really is value for money. I particularly liked the 2 types of filler approach and hyalase with cannula. Thank you and great work once again. Jayne Taylor Reviewed via Facebook
Outstanding injection safety program
The materials, both video and printed, on avoiding filler and neurotoxin complications. as well as lip injecting techniques are absolutely the best I have encountered. Excellent presentation with clear narration and outstanding illustrations. Every practitioner of aesthetic injections would benefit from this course and would be a safer injector as a result.
Online Botox Course
I attended the Foundation Botox and Fillers course at SkinViva in December 2021. It was a couple of months later before I had my first Botox client so I was feeling a bit apprehensive.
The online Botox course was just what I needed. It refreshed all my knowledge and the videos of the procedures and doses were incredibly helpful and gave me the confidence to get started. Highly recommend.
Lisa Dade
via Trustpilot
Obsessed with the 8D Manual
I recently purchased the 8D Lips Course and I'm obsessed. The 3D tool combined with the 8D Lip Injection Manual makes everything so much easier to understand. The manual looks beautiful in my clinic and it's really helpful in showing patients how I'm going to achieve their result visually. I always have this manual on hand when I need it and it's really helped me perfect my techniques and learn new ones! Jessica via Trustpilot
New found confidence
This course has given me the confidence promised to further pursue my career in aesthetics. I have been dipping my toe into the aesthetics world for over 4 years now, but I finally feel ready to take the plunge and push myself outside of my comfort zone. In fact, I’d say my comfort zone has changed and I now feel facial aesthetics is firmly within it. Thank you so much!
Loving the 8D course
Loving the 8D course already and all the video imaging and resources Kristinerla
Lip Restoration
Dr Tim is not only an expert in his field but also a creative artist in his work. He is gentle and makes sure you remain comfortable throughout the treatment....JUST AMAZING !!
Lip beginner
Dr. Pearce explains everything very clearly, from the basics. All the instructions were easy to follow. The end when he explains all the potential complications and how to manage them is also very helpful.
Levelled up, again, with Dr. Tim. <3
As an experienced injector, I now feel prepared for next level in my lip treatments after completing this course. Confidence: up. Technical skill: up. Photography tips, and social media: UP! Dr. Tim delivered yet another course that was logical, sequential, scientifically approached and ethical. Appreciate Dr. Tim and Miranda sooo much! Robin P via Trustpilot
Learned so much!
Fantastic course to build confidence in Botox administration and treatment planning. Monica Patel via Trustpilot
Jane Keeley
This was a fantastic course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with people who needed to learn this.
I have had two amazing 1-2-1 training sessions with Dr Tim Pearce. He is an amazing aesthetic doctor with his eye for detail and fantastic work ethic!
I feel very fortunate to have been trained by him - he's friendly, patient, and passionate about his work. He has instilled me with knowledge and confidence. I can honestly say I have finished both my training sessions at SkinViva buzzing and inspired to offer the quality treatment he does. What's also great is that I know I'm not on my own, I can contact him anytime I have questions about treatments with my clients.
Without any hesitation I can recommend him to anyone interested in training in aesthetics.
I’ve been injecting for 6 years
I’ve been injecting for 6 years, the clinic always does all the marketing, I knew nothing about it! And I am not feeling comfortable putting myself up on the instagram reel or Video to promote myself as an injector! For some reason, I clicked the link that Miranda sent to my email, and attended the her free webinar, which was a game changer! I decided to go out of my comfort zone! I have purchased the course and learned 3 modules, i have not skipped any words she said! So far I am learning a lot already, and so excited about the rest of the course, and can not wait to try all the steps!! Dina Wang via Trustpilot
I'm loving the techniques
I'm loving the techniques I learned in the Lip Master course! I can’t thank Dr Tim Pierce enough!
I just finished the Botox Foundations…
I just finished the Botox Foundations course, and it was fantastic! I am a seasoned Family Practice physician, have had hands on structured training with two different neurotixin/filler instructors, and have been doing botox for about 6 months now. Dr. Pearce's course has taken my knowledge, confidence, and understanding of function and technique to a new level. I can't wait to continue with the other courses. Dr. Pearce's courses are a must for those practitioners that want to do the best for their clients and increase their confidence and expertise with aesthetic injections. Y'all Rock! Robert Dougherty via Trustpilot
I have recently joined Dr Timpearce instagram and youtube…
I have recently joined Dr Timpearce instagram and youtube page for learning aesthetics with a perfectionism. His videos contain the best program! I have attended 2 other programs before. It was definitely worth it.  Excellent, practical points on “how to.” Very comprehensive and focused on the details.” During the videos watching regarding Aesthetic Treatments, I was very interested in Specifying how many units of botox to use, how safe to inject, doing lips fillers with precision and where to inject was very helpful. Dr Tim have excellent knowledge level and very experienced. The training and presentation were very helpful especially the botox training how to inject safely. Dr Laila Hassan via Trustpilot
I have learned a lot
I have learned a lot from this and I think everyone willing to take a turn to Aesthetics field should too.
I am a GP willing to start my career in Aesthetic Medicine. I've been cruising around several YouTube channels in which I could start my self-learning journey. I have subscribed to a decent number of courses and I can really compare now. Medicine is always a tricky field and not everyone out there is willing to give their secret tips and what to be aware of.
Dr Tim's mastery of complications course has been comprehensive, simple, straight forward and down to the point. I have finished the first part about the complications of Botox use and I can say it feels like I've earned knowledge. Not just on the theoretical side but on the practical side too.
I found the online botox foundation excellent
I found the online botox foundation training exactly what I needed to refresh my learning. After being away from aesthetics practice for a few years I found myself doubting some of my knowledge with regards to the key concepts in administering botox. This course was extremely informative and i look forward to booking another course very soon. Jacqui Holleran via Trustpilot
I found the online Botox foundation excellent
I found the online Botox foundation training exactly what I needed to refresh my learning. After being away from aesthetics practice for a few years I found myself doubting some of my knowledge with regards to the key concepts in administering Botox. This course was extremely informative and I look forward to booking another course very soon.
Highly recommend for injectors of all skill levels
Dr Tim’s complication/anxiety program for injectors has been wonderful for me as a new injector. I was a bit unsure if it would be worth the money, however, I am only through the first part and I can already tell it is well worth it! Dr Tim has created a community of supportive and skilled injectors as well as provided wonderful, detailed videos to learn from. The combination of live support for complications and education is invaluable and I will be using this for years to come. Highly recommend
Highly recommend Dr Tim Pearce
I’ve been watching Dr Tim and his lovely wife Miranda on their YouTube channel for a while now. Absolutely love their videos. Decided I would sign up to one of their live webinars on complications and from that I purchased the complications mastery online course. The knowledge Dr Tim has for aesthetics is so impressive and Miranda from the business side of it. I’ve learnt so much from this course through the videos on complications with fillers and Botox. From purchasing the course I’m part of a WhatsApp chat group and an emergency VO group as well as being on their Facebook page. Being part of a social network for advice and support is second to none. Would highly recommend this course and can’t wait to do further training with him in October for his cheek course.
Great educational information
Great educational information on all aspects of aesthetics. Really enjoy videos and webinars.
Great course to gain confidence!!!
I just finished watching dermal fillers complications and I am really extremely happy that I bought this package. What is good about this course that you can come back when you want to refresh your knowledge and watch again. It is good to make a rule for ourselves to watch these videos once a year for Cosmetic injector just to refresh knowledge. So I am highly recommend to look in to this course if you want to get more confidence how to deal with complications Thank you so much Dr Tim for sharing knowledge!!!
Following lockdown
Following lockdown, I felt I needed a refresher course in aesthetics. I have always found Dr Tim and Miranda such lovely knowledgeable individuals and purchasing Dr Tim’s modules has been so worthwhile. I can refer back to modules at any time and is definitely great value for money.
Great courses! Can’t wait for more!
Fantastic to learn from
Hello Tim, I just wanted to contact you. I brought your complication training back in March/April time. It’s been fantastic to learn from. This weekend I had a nurse practicing in aesthetics contact me and ask for my assistance. Even though I have never faced a VO my self I felt calm and prepared for this. I followed all information as on the emergency procedure poster I was given with the training. I just want to thank you for such a informative course you have made for us and for the WhatsApp group. It’s great to have that there for added support. Emily x
Fantastic in depth training
Having had various training with other providers no one comes close to explaining the theory in as much detail and helping you to understand all areas of safe practice and why you are doing what you are doing. I love that there is not a time limit on the digital learning resources as it allows you to go back and quickly refresh if there is a particular procedure that you don’t do very often. I am definitely a loyal convert now!
Extremely thorough!
Tim's tutor style and the practical technique that he has developed and broken down into steps, has very quickly enabled me to advance my skills in lip enhancement. The little tips that are unique to Dr Tim make a huge aesthetic difference to the lips. You get extremely thorough theory information,  which includes initial consultation advice, right through to aftercare instructions and charts on management of side effects and complications. This differs from other courses that I have been which have solely concentrated on technique alone. I know that I am going to be referring to my manual for years to come! [Taken from a google review]
Excellent teacher
Very generous and honest with his knowledge also an excellent teacher in his online tutorials Dr Susan Fletcher-Jones GP Ireland
Excellent education resources
As a professor of nursing I have for many years evaluated educational products. I am also a part time nurse injector and I recently purchased the 8D Lip Design package and it is by far one of the most excellent educational packages I have reviewed. Dr Tim and his team are spot on with the services they provide. I highly recommend any of their educational resources. Thank you for all you do! Paul and Kristen Mattox via TrustPilot
Excellent clinician and educator
Dr Tim is an excellent clinician and educator. I recommend his courses to any medical professional looking into aesthetics. The quality of his work is pure gold and I think aesthetics is very lucky that he produces such amazing educational content. If you invest in one thing to supplement your learning, I’d recommend his online courses as they are expertly crafted and can be revisited again and again.
Exceeded expectations
The DCAM experience has exceeded my expectations. Miranda delivers on all fronts and has given me the confidence put myself out there. It is worth every penny. Definitely recommend! Sonya Williams via TrustPilot
Ethical Master in his Field
Fantastic ethical master in this field. Promoting education and improving patient safety in an unregulated industry against the odds! Thank you so much for everything you do and continue to do. Andrea Bath Reviewed via Facebook
Essential knowledge for novices
I found the online botox foundation training exactly what I needed to refresh my learning. After being away from aesthetics practice for a few years I found myself doubting some of my knowledge with regards to the key concepts in administering botox. This course was extremely informative and i look forward to booking another course very soon. Oleg R via Trustpilot
Dr Tim has excellent knowledge level
Dr Tim has excellent knowledge level and very experienced. The training and presentation were very helpful especially the Botox training how to inject safely.
via Trustpilot
Dr Tim and Miranda are the real deal!!
I have purchased several teaching modules from Dr Tim and Miranda. They are high quality and come with support via FB or Telegram. Basically the FB and telegram groups are a support network of colleague sharing their questions and successes. The amazing thing is Miranda and Dr Tim are part of both those groups and answer questions too. Lifetime access to the content is incredible and future updates made are included. I am a more confident and safe injector!!
Dr of dental surgery
Dr Tim does an amazing job and getting you feeling ready to take this job seriously and act professionally. Not just someone who randomly injects with complete disregard for the science behind what we are doing and the damage we can cause
Definitely worth the price!
I have just completed the online e-learning for the Lip Masters course! I can assuringly say - that with the other aspects of Tim has promised it is definitely worth the price! In fact I'd be happy to pay for the videos alone for the price as his clear expertise and techniques for tackling various lip issues have been invaluable. If you're umming and arring - I'd say definitely go for it. I have done many lips but have learnt a few tips and tricks that I will now incorporate into my practice. I'm looking forward to the other aspects of mentoring and the instagym! Many thanks for sorting this out. It is evident from a mile away how much bloody effort it must have taken to put this together and I'm truly appreciative for this hard work and on going passion to improve us as practitioners and medical professionals! Thanks Tim!
Lip Masters Advanced Techniques in Augmentation & Restoration
DCAM has changed my mindset 100%
DCAM has helped me to understand myself better, focus on my dream customers with whom I now always build relationships but also connected me to many other practitioners that support me throughout this adventure. I will finish saying enquiries start to flow now and my existing patients love how much the learn through my page, get entertained with my reels and memes, are inspired and can trust my work with before and after photos, relate with my every day stories and come with me to my holidays too! DCAM is much more than an online marketing course, it is a way of living! Thank you Miranda ❤️ Kate Kelso via TrustPilot
Course Helped Bridge Gap in my Knowledge
On completion of a foundation course in toxin and filler from another training academy I quickly realised that I had not gained the necessary knowledge and skill to inject safely. I then purchased Dr Tim Peace’s E-learning foundation in Toxin and Filler and Complication Mastery. The courses have helped greatly and filled the gaps in my knowledge. The courses are easily accessible and the content and teaching style flows beautifully.
Course graphics are on point and above expectations
The 8D Lips Course offers very relevant and useful information For all injectors. I have been following Dr Tim for a while. He is very knowledgeable and offers valuable information for new and experienced injectors. The concepts and material presented in the 8 D Lips Course will most definitely be incorporated into my practice. The course graphics are on point and above expectations. I am on my 5th module and very pleased with the 8D Lips Course. Beverly Hodges Via Trustpilot
Cosmetic injectors safety series
I love the educational series about safety with injections. It has really helped to reinforce my training. Cosmetic Injections courses are very short and rapid fire. A healthy respect for facial anatomy and safety falls on the shoulders of the injector; and, many people go into the field either lacking self confidence or that deeper understanding of facial anatomy. Dr Tim is very honest about his personal experiences and well spoken. He is knowledgeable but teaches on a level that most will understand. The course info graphics are great and his YouTube videos and podcasts are interesting. You all do amazing work. Many Blessings to you.
Confidence from careful consideration
I have been injecting for four years. There are several areas that I just cannot feel good about. I am planning to learn ultrasound very soon and I feel that will improve my confidence in the piriform, temple, and lip area. I really want to create amazing lips as I feel my competition does not really deliver in that area- I need to do it safely and confidently. This class really helped me appreciate the anatomy more clearly. I have done cadaver labs but have always felt after the changes that take place, it’s hard to compare apples to apples. These models are very helpful in that they more closely approximate, in my opinion, my patient. I truly need to feel that I’m doing everything to keep my patient safe while also rendering the BEST result for them. I’m another step closer to my goal!!! Dr Tim, thanks so much for the way you care about patient safety and results. Your compassion and heart shine through in this course. Thanks so much!! Mandi Allen-Bell (inner circle alumni 😀) Mandi Allen-Bell via Trustpilot
Buy the e-learning package!!
After my excellent Foundation training with skin viva, I still felt like I needed to boost my confidence. I decided to purchase the e-learning package on botulinum toxin and fillers. Dr Tim's content was comprehensive but he managed to make it easy to follow with clear instructions, guidance and demonstrations. 2 years down the line I still refer to the e-learning for a refresher! I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who feels they need to build on their confidence and competence. It will not disappoint. Dr Tim, thankyou for another amazing package, you really are a master of your craft.
Bottom line - it works.
DCAM will save you YEARS of trial and error with your sm marketing. I would literally have flapped trying to do it my way if I hadn't enrolled and implemented Miranda's techniques.
Bottom line - it works. It's tailored to aesthetics and gets you to think about how you need to market.
Definitely recommend!
Kate Kelso
via TrustPilot
Botox training review via Google
I have purchased 3 courses now from Dr Tim and his wife Miranda (Complications in dermal fillers and botulinum toxin, Lip Mastery and Dream Customer attraction method). The detail and amount of work these two put into their learning materials (e-learning, videos, Whatsapp chats/forums, hard copies of text and posters etc) is second to none. I have been extremely impressed with how thorough the courses were, it has been money well spent. I found Tim and Miranda accidentally years ago on Youtube and I highly recommend them to everyone I know. Sarah H via Google
Another Must Have
Great course! Very comprehensive and presented very well.
Another great course from Dr Tim
Another great course from Dr Tim. It’s beautifully presented and very slick but most of all the content is really good. The emphasis on the consultation is also excellent in conjunction with discussions about the various techniques. The additional photography course is a real gem of an addition. Never disappointed and would recommend! Owen Thomas via Trustpilot
Amazing online education
Dr Tim explains each aspect of a consultation in sequence thoroughly which has enabled me to transform my own approach with patients. He covers a thorough assessment, multiple injection techniques, doses, application of which technique to which treatment, safety, risks and complications. The modules are easy to follow and the ability to test your knowledge following the modules gives us confidence. I absolutely love that it’s always accessible too as I use them regularly for reference. Highly recommend investing in them. Claire Justice Via Trustpilot
Aloysius Fobi
Wow- wow wow I have taken three filler courses have watched endless videos and tutorials on injecting lips and have been proctored on multiple patients over the last several months and I never felt comfortable injecting lips until I went through your course. it follows the medical teaching model and breaks down the components into various pieces so that they aren’t one size fits all. I now have a tool set of different techniques and approaches that I can use after assessing and diagnosing the patient’s desires and the structural. This course would an amazing value even at 10 times the price. 1 million thank yous Aloysius Fobi via Trustpilot
All the online packages
I have all the online E learning packages by Tim and I absolutely love them. I truly believe I would not be as successful as I am in this industry was it not for the support. Sophie Dyson Reviewed via Facebook
8D lips is absolutely Amazing!
I purchased the course during the original webinar and I absolutely loved it! It is one of the most comprehensive courses from anatomy, to how to discuss the treatment with your patient and best of all were the case studies! I honestly would love to get more case studies! They are so interesting and educational for me to see the 8D analysis, the approach, and then the final product after treatment. Absolutely the best lip course I have taken so far! Can't wait to start implementing these techniques in my practice! I hope to one day save up to have Dr. Tim train me in the U. K. But until then I will continue to learn from the amazing videos and webinars. Thank you so much Dr. Tim and Miranda! Absolutely love you guys! ❤️ Yvette Gonzalez via Trustpilot
8D lip testimonial
I was privileged to be invited to Dr Tim’s 8D3D lips masterclass on 14th July 2022. There were 6 delegates all mastery colleagues present. This is a new masterclass created by Dr Tim. Dr Tim’s insight into education is top class. His delivery of ideas and concepts reaches & captivates his students. The delivery of the content by Dr Tim & on screen was clear to understand especially the anatomy education aided by the 3D videos of the techniques. It’s difficult to imagine a 3 D plane but seeing it on video clarified it into my imagination. The practical session presented 4 cases all with different lips to be enhanced. The consultation & the planning of the injection technique with the patient made them feel very involved & heard. We had examples of young beautifully shaped lips needing just a little fine tuning, to older lips needing volumisation, shaping, projection etc. Personally I have been nervous about using needle in the lip body since I had a vascular occlusion 3 years ago. I have been using cannula and experience loss of filler posteriorly as it is difficult to guide a cannula gently anteriorly. It is difficult to be precise with a cannula & therefore difficult to create a nice shape. My lip business has become minimal as I avoid. This training has given me confidence to use needle again safely creating nice rejuvenated lips. Margie Lynch via Trustpilot
8D isn’t just another lip course!
As an experienced aesthetics nurse I’ve completed a fair few training courses. 8D is something else! It’s not just another a clinician trying to market their latest lip technique. Tim has clearly invested himself in this course, he discusses the mountain of techniques out there, the pros and cons from a practitioners perspective His approach to consultation is something I have implemented in my practice and it has changed both the experience for my patients and for me. Highly recommend Claire Lavery Aesthetics via Trustpilot

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