Introduction to Online Video Courses

by Dr Tim Pearce

Dr Tim Pearce’s eLearning courses include a series of detailed videos on the processes and techniques required for aesthetic treatments. 

These videos are designed to provide a valuable support to build confidence for those who’ve attended a training course.

BOTOX® Foundation Course
September 13, 2017

BOTOX® Foundation Course - £159

This course introduces the core knowledge and processes you need to successfully treat the upper face with BOTOX®. Modules include: Product Knowledge | Consultation | Facial Assessment | Treatment Planning | Injection Techniques.
Dermal Filler Foundation Course
August 4, 2017

Dermal Filler Foundation Course - £199

The core knowledge and skills to safely and effectively treat the face with dermal fillers. Modules on Aesthetics | Anatomy | Product Knowledge | Injection Techniques with particular exploration of Glabellar | Nasolabial Fold | Melolabial Fold | Frown Line | Cheek Lines | Upper Lip Lines.
Lip Masters – Advanced Techniques in Augmentation and Restoration
July 14, 2017

Lip Masters – Advanced Techniques in Augmentation and Restoration - £595

If you are already experienced in lip augmentation, this course will help you enhance your techniques, knowledge,  safety and communication skills to help you thrive in Medical Aesthetics. 
Botulinum Toxin Complications Mastery
June 10, 2017

Botulinum Toxin Complications Mastery - £495

My latest eLearning course is designed to help you understand, diagnose, treat and avoid complications. This course covers modules including: Eyelid Ptosis | Brow Ptosis | Cheek Ptosis | Lip Ptosis | Oedema | Haematoma
Dermal Filler Complications Mastery
May 27, 2017

Dermal Filler Complications Mastery - £995

Dermal Filler Complications eLearning course by Dr Tim Pearce. This course includes: Impending Necrosis | Haematoma | Blindness | Nerve Injury | Infection | Salivary Gland Injury | Inflammatory Lesions | Non-Inflammatory Lesions | Stroke
Eyelash Enhancement Serum Course
April 30, 2017

Eyelash Enhancement Serum Course - £99

Due to high demand, Dr Tim has put together an online Eyelash Enhancement Serum Training Course, available completely online.  We’ve found the eyelash enhancement serum to be a resounding success, with clients loving the results....
Instagram Marketing Mastery for Aesthetic Practitioners
April 23, 2017

Instagram Marketing Mastery for Aesthetic Practitioners - £69.99

Video Introduction by Dr Tim Pearce Price - £69.99 Modules include: Building An Instagram Strategy | How To Setup | What To Post | How To Use Hashtags | Instagram Stories, Live & IGTV |...

eLearning Online Course Reviews

Who is eLearning For?

Dr Tim Pearce’s eLearning courses are aimed at medical professionals and do not replace the need for practical face-to-face training.