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Along with Dr Tim Pearce, Miranda is a director and cofounder of SkinViva Ltd, one of the UK’s top aesthetic clinics, and SkinViva Training; as well as Dr Tim Ltd eLearning provider.

  • Expert Marketing Advisor for thousands of Aesthetic Clinicians
  • ​Founded SkinViva Clinic in 2008 with husband Dr Tim Pearce and grew the business to over £3 million per year
  • ​Took Dr Tim brand from 5,000 – 37,000 Instagram followers in 18 months
  • ​​Co-hosts the UK’s number 1 aesthetics podcast
  • Founded ‘Medical Aesthetics Mindset Warriors’ Facebook Group with 4,500+ members
  • Popular Instagram has regular inspiring updates and teaching for aestheticians. It has nearly 15k followers and high levels of interaction.

In 2021, Miranda launched her first eLearning course – the Dream Customer Attraction Method (DCAM) – where she shares her social media and marketing techniques for aesthetic professionals.

Background, Qualifications & Experience

Miranda graduated from University of Bristol in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Sociology, achieving 1st class honours.

Her career began working for local councils in policy and planning and also included 2 years at education management company OCR. In 2007 she moved into the medical sector as a manager at the Healthcare Commission.

Since 2009, she has worked full time in aesthetics; firstly at SkinViva and SkinViva Training, before committing full time to Dr Tim Ltd in 2020.

Miranda says:

“I’m beyond passionate about the impact entrepreneurs like me can have on the world. By clearly communicating our ‘Why’, we will attract people who believe what we believe, and we then have the power to inspire them to grow and contribute to the world in turn. A pretty virtuous circle! My personal ‘Why’? I live to serve. I want those clients walking out of our doors being shocked by how much value and love they have just been showered with. And when we get a testimonial that talks about that (as we do regularly), I literally couldn’t be happier.”

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