Beautiful Lip Anatomy Poster

* Frame not included

Poster for Aesthetic Practitioners

Most anatomy posters aren’t nice enough to hang on an aesthetic clinic wall for your clients to see. Worst still, most you can’t use it as a practical tool to consult with your patients as they are inaccurate or not detailed enough or not easy for your patient to understand.

What’s different about this poster?

We’ve created a poster that’s not only a beautiful piece of artwork but it’s also an accurate tool that you can use to help better consult with your patients and explain your treatment plans. We’ve taken hours to painstakingly illustrate the lips in a 3D anatomical way that your patients will understand.

  • Beautifully designed, perfect for your clinic environment
  • Intricate anatomical accuracy and detail
  • Produced in A3 size
  • Printed on high quality silk finished paper

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