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Dr Tim Pearce MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP founded his eLearning aesthetics concept in 2016, in order to provide readily accessible BOTOX® and dermal filler online courses for fellow Medical Aesthetics practitioners. His objective was to raise standards within the industry through provision of high quality video-led resources.

Our exclusive online aesthetics courses are designed to build confidence, knowledge and technique at every stage, working from foundation level to advanced treatments and management of complications.

In 2020, Dr Tim Ltd was founded as a separate company in order to better serve what has now become a worldwide audience.

Thousands of delegates have benefited from the courses and we’re highly rated on Trustpilot.

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Dr Tim dermal fillers training

Dr Tim Pearce


Dr Tim Pearce is a fully qualified doctor specialising in non-surgical aesthetic rejuvenation.

He has extensive experience in cosmetic medicine and has performed over 25,000 injectable skin treatments. He now specialises primarily in sharing his knowledge and skills through training and education of fellow Aesthetic Clinicians.

Trainer Miranda Pearce

Miranda Pearce

BSc (hons)

Miranda Pearce leads Dr Tim Ltd’s business courses and is a well known face on our social media.

Her early career included work at county councils and the Healthcare Commission. She has worked in aesthetics since 2009 and is a cofounder and director of SkinViva and SkinViva Training. She now works full time in Dr Tim Ltd eLearning, sharing her expertise with fellow professionals.

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Dr Tim Pearce

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Great addition to the fillers foundation course! After this, I feel like I have so many tools to treat all shapes of lips and patient goals.
Wonderful course
I love the detail that Dr. Tim uses in all of his courses, but the 8D lecture series is the best yet! I feel much more confident about injecting lips since completing the course, and love that so many techniques were taught, and the rationale behind each one reviewed. Dr Molly Trostle via Trustpilot
Thumbs up
A great educational informative & learning opportunity for those who want to learn, I appreciate it a lot. Thumbs up.
This is really helping me!!
DCAM gave me a MINDSET to market to my dream customers. NOT TO EVERYONE!! I always knew that 80% of our monies came from 20% of our patients. I needed to target my marketing to people who fit my vide; people who appreciated the type of aesthetic I offer. I learned that the best way to do this was to simply be myself. I stopped trying to manipulate my persona to fit what I believed people wanted and became more confident in my own skills, my own persona, and to believe in ME. The rest followed. Constance Hall via TrustPilot
This course will be a game changer
Just started with the intro and straight away I could put words to the reason why this course will be a game changer for me... other courses and f2f teach us how to inject and give us protocols. We then all have to know our anatomy and be prepared for complications. But nobody teaches us how the products we inject are placed under the skin so for someone like me that still have to wait a bit for an ultrasound device this course should help me a lot!
The online botox course was just what I needed
I attended the Foundation Botox and Fillers course at Skinviva in December 2021. It was a couple of months later before I had my first botox client so I was feeling a bit apprehensive. The online botox course was just what I needed. It refreshed all my knowledge and the videos of the procedures and doses were incredibly helpful and gave me the confidence to get started. Highly recommend. Lisa Dade via Trustpilot
The most useful tool
It's probably the most useful tool I've had in the tens of thousands spent on training. I'm sure you're both robust enough but I just wanted to reach out regardless and say it's an amazing book and worth its money alone which (if I'm honest didn't think it would be what it is and I don't mean that rudely or offensively)... it's informative - unbiased/objective and well thought out and put together. Mark Aesthetics Nurse Injector
The book and modules
I love the way the book and modules are laid out. You can repeat or go ahead as you need Thank you. Laslie Tidd via TrustPilot
The best eLearning course for lip design ever

Everything I need to know about lip filler is in this course. Anatomy, patient management, injection techniques, different young and aging lips. Patient consultation. Clear idea what will be the outcome of the chosen technique and type of filler. Avoiding compilations. Excellent academic content. Very good communication with the supporting team.

Ivet Pavlova via Trustpilot

Secrets to growing your aesthetics business
Buy this course if you want all the secrets to growing your aesthetics business. The DCAM course has been so valuable to me as a new aesthetics practitioner. Miranda is a complete gem and her advice is invaluable. The modules are easy to digest and her mindset must haves within each module gives you the confidence boost to do everything you need in order to grow your aesthetics business via social media for absolutely free. Kalah Brown Via Trustpilot

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