Dr Tim Pearce

I am the medical director and founder of SkinViva Ltd, one of the UK’s top aesthetic clinics, and SkinViva Training working in association with the Allergan Medical Institute.

My mission is to help ethical clinicians master medical aesthetics.

I believe there are 5 domains of mastery, and my life’s work is to deeply understand and teach clinicians how to continuously seek and achieve mastery of each domain.

My work aims to integrate Psychology, Anatomy, Aesthetic Rules, Injection Technique and Complications into the patient journey at the highest possible level.

Ultimately all of these domains serve to protect and enhance the well being of patients. I believe the clinicians who best master these abilities will enjoy and deserve the greatest long term success in the sector.

I have completed over 25 000 cosmetic procedures myself and I lead a team of Doctors who work for Skinviva Ltd. I also train external clinicians though our training school Skinviva Training.

I am a member of the Allergan Academy, benefiting from world class mentors from around the globe, including famous names in the industry like Arthur Swift, Raj Acquilla, Mauricio de Maio, and others.

I am proud to be delivering world-class training and treatments in Manchester and internationally, and contributing to raising standards in Medical Aesthetics.