In 2008 Dr Tim Pearce founded a skin clinic as a stressed-out junior doctor. Wife Miranda Pearce joined the business full time in 2009 and together they have built SkinViva, SkinViva Training and Dr Tim Ltd into an industry-changing ventures.

The businesses have thrived by transforming the lives of the clinicians we train and the patients we treat.

Now clinicians around the world can learn from the masters in our FREE webinars.

Free Webinars from the Dr Tim Team

longevity webinar

Longevity Webinar

28th May

If you want to learn how to introduce longevity into your clinic, become an anti-ageing specialist and discover how you can biologically turn back the clock for your patients, plus why this presents a huge opportunity for healthcare practitioners.

Dr Tim Pearce is hosting a webinar with Dr Nichola Conlon on the 28th May 2024 to help aesthetic clinicians get started in longevity.

3 longevity secrets

What I will be sharing:

  1. SECRET 1
    How to give your business an unfair advantage with a simple new framework that convinces patients to invest in their internal health as much as their outside beauty.


  2. SECRET 2
    The secret technique to keep patients hooked on their health goals (and how to give them proof that your treatment plan makes them biologically younger).


  3. SECRET #3
    The weird reason why not being a longevity expert is actually your greatest advantage (and why aesthetic clinicians have the BIGGEST opportunity to lead the longevity revolution).

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filler complications webinar

Complications Webinar


Increase your confidence about aesthetic injectables complications with our popular webinar, watched by thousands of injectors worldwide.

Now you can join Dr. Tim at 8pm EST for an exclusive training session on how to overcome anxiety and gain confidence when it comes to complications in medical aesthetics. It’s the same great content at a more accessible time for those on EST timezones.

3 key insights

You’ll discover Dr Tim’s 3 key secrets:

  1. Secret #1
    Why worrying about complications shouldn’t stop you from being a skilled injector.
  2. Secret # 2
    The surprising truth about complications knowledge that really matters.
  3. Secret # 3
    Learn how to confidently treat complications without ever having to face one!

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Lips Webinar Banner - mobile

8D Lips Webinar

Lip Fillers

If your heart sinks when a patient asks ‘how much for 1ml’, you’re not alone. In this webinar, you can find out how Dr Tim developed a strategy that became the best way to retain patients, build trust and actually charge more for his services overall.

Discover how to raise your lip prices with a little-known tool that proves you’re worth more than the ‘going rate’ for 1ml with Tim’s formula.

3 lip filler secrets!

In this free training you will learn:

  1. SECRET #1
    The magic consultation question  you can ask that will double your appointment value, reduce the rate of complaints to almost zero and prove your worth to patients.
  2. SECRET #2
    The 4 steps lip experts take to stop patients questioning their higher prices so that you start charging based on your skills not your mls!
  3. SECRET #3
    How I increased my lip prices by 61% over night without losing patients to cheap competitors, AND how you can turn even your most demanding patients into loyal fans who rave about you on social media

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