In 2008 Dr Tim Pearce founded a skin clinic as a stressed-out junior doctor. Wife Miranda Pearce joined the business full time in 2009 and together they have built SkinViva, SkinViva Training and Dr Tim Ltd into an industry-changing ventures.

The businesses have thrived by transforming the lives of the clinicians we train and the patients we treat.

Now clinicians around the world can learn from the masters in our FREE webinars.

Free Webinars from the Dr Tim Team

Complications Webinar

Dr Tim Pearce has carried out tens of thousands of injectable treatments in his career. He specialises in full-face transformations, patient psychology and complications-mastery. By attending the Dr Tim Pearce Filler Complications webinar you will have insight of some of the things he did in order to overcome his filler complications anxiety and be able to build a successful business.

Complications Webinar

If you ever lose sleep over occlusions or wonder: ‘Is it even WORTH all this worry?’ you need to attend a Dr Tim Pearce Filler Complications webinar!

There’s a thin line between being preventive in your treatment and being scared to treat. Similarly, it’s equally difficult to learn what to do in case of a complication without experiencing one. How can clinicians learn to treat a vascular occlusion without the risk? Tim explains:

“There’s another big misconception that I was under when I first started to conquer my fear of complications. If you have all the information in front of you you’ll finally get over your fear. The truth is a little bit more interesting than that.”

In order to be able to grow as an aesthetic clinician you mustn’t be hindered by fear. This will stop you from being creative with your treatments. In his complications webinar, Dr Tim Pearce will go over some of the most powerful secrets he found in his journey of getting over his fear of filler complications.

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Marketing Webinar

Miranda Pearce grew the SkinViva business to over £3 million per year, leading the organisation to become the leading provider of non-surgical skin treatments in the region. Her passion for marketing took Dr Tim brand from 5,000 – 37,000 Instagram followers in 18 months. In this webinar, she shares insider tips and techniques for using social media to win aesthetics clients.


How To Turn Your Social Media From ‘Meh’ To Money Making Machine, WITHOUT Having To Pretend You’re An Expert, Or Come Across As Pushy!

No ordinary marketing agency can truly understand the aesthetics social media marketing world without having worked in it day in day out. In this exclusive masterclass, Miranda Pearce shares:

  1. How To Effortlessly Generate 75 KILLER Content Ideas That Will Actually Lead To Bookings…in 9 Minutes
  2. The SECRET 3-Step Post Formula That Will Stop You Getting A Tumbleweed EVER Again!
  3. The Surprising Truth About How Many Followers You ACTUALLY Need To Make A 6 Figure Income From Aesthetics

Miranda is now expert marketing advisor for thousands of Aesthetic Clinicians worldwide – alongside leading the marketing for Dr Tim Ltd. She also co-hosts the UK’s number 1 aesthetics podcast and leads Medical Aesthetics Mindset Warriors’ Facebook Group.

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