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Course Contents

Video Modules
  • Why DCAM marketing is so perfect for medical aesthetics
  • Exclusive Support Groups
  • Beautiful You: How to unlock your greatest marketing asset…YOU!
  • Meet Your Dream Customer: How to identify and deeply understand your new best friend
  • Pillars Of Trust: Why followers convert to customers
  • Pillars Of Value: Why some content flies and some flops
  • Diamond Content Creation System: How to create killer content in 7 simple steps
  • A: Attention: How to STOP that scroll
  • S: Story: How to KEEP them hooked
  • A: Action: How to receive your PAY-OFF
  • Instagram Feed Mastery: How to optimize photo/graphic posts
  • IGTV Video Mastery: How to use short videos for deep connection
  • Instagram Reels Mastery: How to delight your Dream Customer in only 15 seconds
  • Instagram Live Mastery: How to use the thrill of live video to your advantage
  • Instagram Stories Mastery: How to make your own reality TV show!
  • Hashtags: How to maximise your posts’ reach
  • Canva Carousel Post Template
  • Set Out Your Stall: How to create an Instagram profile that converts
  • Get ‘Em Booked! How to convert enquiries into bookings
  • Your New Life As A Marketeer: How to lock in success with daily routines
  • Mindset Ass Kicking: Stop caring what people think and start showing up consistently
  • The best content creation apps: Step-by-step tutorials
  • How to do the perfect introduction video
  • How to get more reviews and before and after pictures
  • Dr Tim’s tips for introverts to thrive on social media
  • How to turn online haters into marketing gold
  • Example empathy exercise
  • Role model interview: Nurse Lisa Roberts from Lisa Roberts Aesthetics
  • Role model interview: Becca Roberts from B’s Aesthetics
  • Role model interview: Katie McDonald from Sleeping Beauties Aesthetics
  • Hashtags for aesthetics
  • Enquiry conversion text message script
  • 101 Content Ideas
  • How To Create A Google Survey
  • The dos and don’ts of marketing compliance
  • The perfect video Intro Script
  • Instagram engagement rate calculator
  • Enquiry tracker
  • Diamond Content Creation Flow Chart
  • PDF download of all course content & worksheets
  • MP3 audio of the course
Accountability Tribe
  • Closed Facebook group for DCAM members
  • DCAM Telegram Group

Dream Customer Attraction Method

Learn The Proven, Step-By-Step Marketing Method That Gets A Steady Stream Of Dream Customers Booking Your Aesthetic Treatments

The Dream Customer Attraction Method is an online marketing course designed specifically for Aesthetic Clinicians who are serious about growing their business.

Everything you need to know from top to bottom and beginning to end is inside, so you will be able to:

  • Easily create social media posts you’ll feel PROUD of, instead of constantly second-guessing.
  • Set up a proven step-by-step system to convert lurkers into buyers so you can create financial freedom for your family
  • Stop trying to attract patients with discounts, and instead, attract the RIGHT kind of patient by standing out and becoming known locally as THE go-to practitioner. That’s when you start to feel truly appreciated in your career.
  • ​Do all this with a tribe of like-minded clinicians to cheer you on.
DCAM course

Video Introduction by Miranda Pearce

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Does This Sound Familiar…?

You were going about your business in your NHS career, when you noticed lots of your colleagues doing Botox and filler courses and earning extra money to help with bills and treats.

You thought to yourself, ‘I already do injections in my day job, so Botox and filler sounds doable‘ and, when you worked out the maths about what profit you’d make, you got excited!

You did the aesthetics course and left feeling excited and raring to go.

Then the truth slapped you in the face.

The thing standing between you and your aesthetic dream was NOT your clinical skills. It was your ability to get clients!

Suddenly you felt stupid. Like, how did I not see that coming?

You start an Instagram page, but you don’t really know what content to create and it hardly gets any likes anyway. The only people who seem to follow you are other practitioners and obviously they ain’t booking in, so social media feels like a lot of work for very little reward.

You feel deflated, useless, and quite frankly like packing aesthetics in.

But, hear me on this…

None Of This Is Your Fault

You weren’t taught marketing in your clinical degree!

Thankfully, marketing doesn’t need to be hard, if you have a set of formulas to follow.

How do know I this?

Because, although we run a £4m per year business now, 13 years ago my husband Dr Tim Pearce and I were in exactly the same boat as you.

In 2008 Tim skipped off to a Botox & filler course with a twinkle in his eye.

The problem was, we were CLUELESS about marketing!

Our only plan was to partner with local beauty salons, do demo nights and put out leaflets and A-frames on the street.

At first we got lucky and it worked. We grew steadily, eventually working from over 90 salons.

But, then things started to go wrong.

New leads were dropping off, and Tim was regularly being booked for 7 different salons in one day… hello burnout!

At the time I was using Facebook more and more in my personal life, so we set about trying it for our aesthetics business.

Our results were awful for ages! We were wooden, boring and clueless. Until I stumbled upon some social media magic that changed my life…

In 2016 I Discovered The Secret To Social Media Success…

DCAM FollowersIn October 2016 I began an Instagram passion project on the side.

After suffering from depression earlier that year and having a road-to-Damascus-style breakthrough, I wanted to record my journey, so I began making Instagram posts to help aesthetic business owners overcome self doubt and overwhelm.

My account grew, slowly at first, but when I saw that my posts’ engagement rate was over 5 times the industry average I knew I was onto something.

DCAM SalesI transferred my method to Tim’s aesthetics Instagram, and it exploded! He went from 5k to 38k in just 20 months!

No only that, but our sales increased by 114%!

I had discovered the secret formula to social media success. And here’s the good news:

You’re not rubbish at social media…you just don’t have a protocol to follow.

There’s the BNF for drugs, and NICE guidelines for clinical decisions, but nothing for aesthetics marketing!

That’s right…

pointing finger

It’s True! YOU Can Get Customers On Social Media Just As You Are…

You CAN grow a loyal customer base WITHOUT:

  • Being tech savvy
  • Knowing anything about social media
  • Being ‘salesy’ or full of yourself
  • Having loads of injecting experience…or any at all!

And the very best news is, you don’t have to struggle like I did for years to find the formula, because you have a unique opportunity right now to have it dished up on plate by someone who already has a successful aesthetic clinic!

Here’s What’s Included In The DCAM Course

Dream Customer Attraction Method

eLearning Marketing Course For Aesthetic Practitioners

DCAM Video Modules

Video Masterclasses

When you join today, you’ll get lifetime access to 19 core video tutorials PLUS 6 bonus tutorials that will teach you the step-by-step Dream Customer Attraction Method. You’ll learn how to:

  • Gain an intimate understanding of what makes your Dream Customer tick
  • Understand what makes KILLER content so you no longer feel ‘Huh?’ again!
  • How to optimise your Instagram profile so that it converts to bookings
  • How to create videos that touch people’s souls instead of boring them to tears!
  • How to conquer Instagram Reels, IGTV, IG Lives, IG Stories, feed posts, hashtags
  • The secret scripts to get more testimonials and before & after pics
  • The best apps to use, even if you’re a tech ‘dinosaur’
  • ​How to do it all even if you’re shy and don’t like putting yourself out there

And so, SO much more!

DCAM 101-content-ideas

Done-For-You Treasure Chest

I want to make sure you have everything you need to get started today, so I’m also including our best plug-and-play assets:

  • 101 Killer Content Ideas. I know your Dream Customer back to front, and now I’m handing you 3 months worth of epic content ideas on a plate!
  • ​Text Message Enquiry Conversion Script. Not sure how to reply to ‘How much for 1 area?’ DMs? My enquiry script is proven by 13 years of sales experience to convert!
  • Hashtag Cheat Sheet. Hashtags get you people who are ALREADY searching for your services. We’re giving you 30 hashtags designed specifically for aesthetics that you can use straight away.
DCAM essentials toolbox

Marketing Essentials Toolbox

Everything you need to research, create, and engage with your audience is here:

  • Canva Carousel Post Template. A proven template for carousel posts that you can amend within the easy-to-use Canva app, then upload direct to Instagram.
  • Engagement Rate Calculator. Pop a couple of numbers into a into this super simple calculator and you’ll instantly see how we’ll you’re doing.
  • Marketing Compliance Dos & Don’ts Guide (applicable to UK).
  • ​Enquiry Tracker. They say ‘The fortune is in the follow up’ so I have provided you with a script and tracking form for you to squeeze the most juice out of each precious enquiry you get.
  • Market Research Questionnaire & Instructions. The best way to find out about your Dream Customer is to ask her/him. This blueprint gives you step by step instructions about how to create and distribute a simple Google form.
DCAM Success Stories

Role Model Interviews

We’re also throwing in 3 exclusive interviews with nurses just like you, Katie MacDonald from Sleeping Beauties Aesthetics, Becca from B’s Aesthetics, and Lisa from Lisa Roberts Aesthetics. They are role models because they’ve built their pages to almost 100k altogether and share:

  • How they create outstanding before and afters
  • ​Which Instagram posts had the biggest impact on their following
  • ​How to put yourself out there, even when you’re scared to
DCAM Mp3 Download

Alternative Formats

Everything in the course is available in a private online membership platform, where there are easy-to-use alternative formats available, including:

  • MP3 audio download so you can listen to the course while you’re walking the dog!
  • Downloadable PDF
DCAM Support Groups

Private Accountability Tribe

Marketing can be triggering, so you’re so much more likely to keep going if you have a tribe of like-minded colleagues cheering you on! When you join DCAM, you get lifetime access to private Facebook and Telegram groups where you can ask practical questions, get opinions about your content in a safe non-judgemental space; plus get friends for life!

14 day guarantee
14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Dr Tim Pearce is so confident you will love the e-learning courses that we’re giving you a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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DCAM Group

This course includes exclusive access to the DCAM Facebook Group.

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Telegram DCAM Group

This course includes exclusive access to our exclusive Telegram group.

Lifetime access
Lifetime Access

Any new modules or material will be added to your account automatically, so there’s no need to buy another course to get the very latest content.

Meet Miranda Pearce

  • ​Expert Marketing Advisor for thousands of Aesthetic Clinicians
  • ​Founded SkinViva Clinic in 2008 with husband Dr Tim Pearce (over 1,000 5 star reviews)
  • Successfully grew the business to over £3 million per year
  • ​Took Dr Tim brand from 5,000 – 37,000 Instagram followers in 18 months
  • Co-hosts the UK’s number 1 aesthetics podcast
  • Founded ‘Medical Aesthetics Mindset Warriors’ Facebook Group with 4,500+ members
Trainer Miranda Pearce

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Who is it For?

Dr Tim Pearce’s eLearning courses are aimed at medical professionals. This course is not suitable for non-medical practitioners and all purchasers will have their professional registrations checked upon purchase.

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