April 15, 2021

Instagram Reels Miranda Pearce

by Miranda Pearce,

Aesthetics Marketing Expert

Miranda Pearce shares her secret discovery – a quick, clever and easy way to do great Instagram ‘reels’.

Instagram reels are are short form video that can be found on the Instagram app that allow you to create up to a 30 second little informal videos.

This works even if you DON’T have Instagram reels enabled and even if you’re not great at Instagram!

How to conquer REELS in 6 easy steps…even if you’re rubbish at Insta

There’s something you need to know before I teach you how to smash Reels.

I do not have Reels.

You read that right.

Insta still hasn’t given me that function on my account ? and despite all my efforts to get them…still, nothing.

But before you abandon this blog and move on, check out the stonkin’ insights on this Reel-style video I did on Thursday.

Reel-Style Video Results

Insta reels results

  • 5,592 reach – that’s how many unique users saw this instagram post


  • 311 likes – how many gave us a ‘heart’


  • 176 comments – its great engagement when people take time to give feedback on your post


  • 18 saves – these people wanted to be able to find the post again, so they bookmarked it for future reference!


  • 69 profile visits – this means they clicked through to the main page

Simple way to make your own Reel-style videos

Ideal for Aesthetics marketing

I just used TikTok and posted it to Insta, after taking off the TikTok logo using a downloader app.

I’ve done 13 Reel-style vids so far and they’ve all done SO well. Better than my image posts, which shows you the direction-of-travel of the Insta algo…

Towards rewarding short, raw videos, and away from art-gallery perfection.

Speaking plainly, if you’re not already doing Reels, you’re doing yourself out of clients.

From what I’ve seen so far, I pretty much guarantee you will get more new enquiries if you do Reels consistently.

Below is a simple 6-step formula for how to get going with Reels:

How to smash Reels in 6 simple steps:

  1. Think of a belief that holds your patients back from having treatment, e.g. ‘Lip fillers will hurt’
  2. Jot down 3 TRUTHS about that belief e.g. you’ll use LMX; there’s lidocaine in the syringe; the needles are smaller than people think
  3. Swipe right in Insta, choose Reels
  4. Choose a song you like (don’t overthink this)
  5. Film yourself pointing in 4 different places with a bit of a pause each time
  6. Put 4 bits of text over the top of the 4 different points saying:
    • Does lip filler hurt? 3 things you need to know…
      1. I use numbing cream
      2. The filler contains a numbing agent
      3. The needles are smaller than you think!

For extra algo juice, add a final piece of text at the end saying ‘Like if this helped’.

Et voila, you’re in the Reels game ?

PPS: There will be a full Reels tutorial in my new marketing e-learning course.

Get yourself on the waiting list.

For more information…

See our recent Aesthetics Mastery show on how to make the most of Instagram reels.

Dr Tim Pearce says:

“Miranda is the driving force behind some of our amazing growth over the last 18 months. She’s been working on marketing on my page, you can see my Instagram has grown from five to 35,000 in just 18 months with Miranda driving that project. “

Why reels?

Instagram reels is essentially Instagram’s response to the phenomenal growth of TikTok over the last year. Miranda explains:

“Zuckerberg is wanting all of the users of social media to come over to Instagram, or rather not to leave for TikTok, then he’s going to want to make sure that those content creators who are making Reels are rewarded with lots of lovely algorithm juice. So when you make Reels, those Reels are going to be placed in front of more of your followers and the non-followers as well…

“You’re just getting loads more juicy reach, and that’s why it’s so powerful.”

The short format of reels has a number of advantages:

  • 30 second length = very easy to consume
  • Music makes them more informal
  • Choppy style – naturally more engaging
  • Format helps providers to connect with the client

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