June 8, 2023

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Recently, Dr Tim Pearce welcomed his apprentice winner, nurse Charlotte to a podcast to reflect on promoting your aesthetic business on social media.

In this blog, we share the key points from their conversation and Dr Tim shares his experiences, and how his approach has changed over time, with the help of his team and his wife Miranda Pearce. The pair cover some top tips and dos and don’ts when it comes to posting content on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

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Getting started making videos for social media

Dr Tim and nurse Charlotte were keen to discuss whether they watch or listen to the content they create; both, like many others dislike watching themselves back on screen, but can see how they have improved. With many more years under his belt, Charlotte asked Dr Tim if he ever looks back at the content he produced when he first started his aesthetic business. Does he compare it to the content he creates today, noting that when she had a look at the archives the video quality was less polished, and he wore his doctor’s white coat! Dr Tim noted that it is interesting and provides a snapshot in time to reflect upon.

In the beginning, there is a lot of pretending, explained Dr Tim. You are trying to pretend to be who you think you should be. He was never very good at this, getting very nervous when in front of cameras because he could not act. His focus, despite the nerves was simply to deliver the information that he thought was important. Reflecting on this, he believes it is still better than trying to hone a persona or act out a certain style that would quickly seem fake and put on. There is a genuineness that comes from a real connection which is much more watchable.

Dr Tim asked Charlotte how she was finding producing videos for her new aesthetic practice.

Admitting that she has created and published a few Instagram reels with the help of her sister, she noted that the process requires many takes to get it right and is scary. However, she understands that she must push herself out of her comfort zone to build the content.

Although, she often feels disheartened and dejected when she posts a video, and no one watches it.

Dr Tim reassured her that he still has that problem. Despite most of his regular content being run and managed by the Dr Tim Team, he sometimes makes and posts his own content, feeling awful when it dies through poor engagement. Thanks to Layla, his Content Manager, he has realised that the cause is a lack of context – he has the idea but has not embedded it into the reader’s mind in terms of what else is going on, causing confusion; thus, it collapses, and engagement fails. Taking feedback from his team, he will often try to redo it and improve.

His tip is not to make a perfect video, because you cannot, simply become the kind of person who makes videos and over time you will edge closer towards perfection.

How best to communicate on videos and social media

Dr Tim was keen to share a top tip that helped him – learning how best to communicate – a classic example being via a podcast. With a podcast, you are in conversation.

Instagram Reels Miranda PearceHe did not start creating podcasts because he wanted a podcast, but after his first attempt, he realised that it is much easier, more natural, and authentic to have a conversation than trying to remember a script or reading an autocue and talking directly to a camera. He suggested that Charlotte may find this an easier and more relaxing option when thinking of ways to produce her own content. Having a conversation is a brilliant way to allow you to show and become your true self to your audience.

How to become a storyteller

Dr Tim had another great tip that he wanted to share with nurse Charlotte. If you are a natural storyteller, it is one of the best ways to make social media content.

However, he advised her not to do what many people do when they first start a video or live stream – and that is spend several seconds with wasted introductions and pleasantries because you quickly lose the audience and they have moved or scrolled on. You can say these things in later videos or once the audience is hooked it but refrain from doing so at the start. Remember, you need to get them engaged.

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Dr Tim explained further that if you have a story that you want to tell, you should go straight to the emotional conflict to keep the audience listening and wanting to know more – hook them in with that to make them curious enough to stay.

Stories are incredibly powerful, both when used in real life situations and on social media. Stories can be mesmerising when you listen to them, but they are also the easiest way to change someone’s mind. If you debate with someone, they have the option to doubt the veracity of what you are saying, disagree with you and what you suggest, stating that you are wrong; but, if you tell them the story, they cannot disagree with it because the story is a story, a series of events and facts. From a marketing perspective, if you tell a story of a patient who had an amazing transformation and got her life back together, there can be no disagreeing that the treatment works. Unlike, a statement that makes an arbitrary claim about the efficacy or subjective result of treatment – “it can make you feel more confident”. Become a storyteller.

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