December 27, 2021

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Aesthetics marketing expert Miranda Pearce shares her 5 Tips For Killer Social Media Titles.

Her crucial Instagram Insights could be of real value in elevating your aesthetic treatment marketing and communication on social media.

By Miranda Pearce, Marketing

If you implement these 5 simple changes to your social media posts, you will be shocked by how much it increases your likes/comments.


This one is more of a realisation you need to have, so listen up.

Titles on your IGTV videos, Facebook lives, AND the first few characters of your post captions…

…is like paying millions of pounds for advertising space on Time Square in New York.

You only have a TEENY TINY window of opportunity to entice your audience to click.

So, you need to start treating that space like the gold dust it is, and stop whamming up any old random words.

2. What’s IN IT FOR ME To Click On Your Video/Post?

Instagram title what's in it for meWhat’s in it for me?

Seriously, I’m asking you a question.

Why the frig should I click on your video/post?

Your video title/1st line of caption must explicitly tell me what I am going to GET if I click.

Think about your own behaviour on social media.

It feels like a risk to click on videos/post captions, right?

You only click if you think it’s going to add to your life.

E.g. in the above example I entice the reader with something concrete they’re going to get by reading the caption.

3. Curiosity

Instagram title curiosityAn incredibly important force in human psychology is the NEED TO KNOW!

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors survived because they knew the location of poisonous vs nutritious berries.

So, we’ve evolved to listen out for juicy morsels of gossip with the promise of more survival info.

Eg the above caption 1st line is intriguing. It promises a story. It tantalises the reader to click to hear more.

4. Keep It Short

Instagram title lengthThis is an example of a BAD title/1st line.

I didn’t get across the what’s-in-it-for-me quickly enough, so it’s too much of a risk to click.

You’re probably wondering how many characters you have.

It differs on each social media platform, but my tip before you post is:

Go and look at a similar post/video on your mobile phone and count how many characters can be seen at first glance. That’s how long you have.

5. ‘How To’

A brilliant way to show your audience that they are going to get something from your post is to offer a ‘How to…’, see below example.

‘How to’ just feels so concrete.

Eg you could say ‘How to stop wasting money on your skin care regime’.

Instagram title how to

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