September 18, 2023

bubbles - dermal filler abstractThe presence of air bubbles in your BD syringe can lead to compromised pressure and reduced precision when administering dermal fillers using this injection technique, making air bubbles much more than a simple annoyance for aesthetic injectors.

In this blog, Dr Tim shares his top tips for removing air bubbles from a BD syringe – the secret is not to cause them in the first place!

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What happens if there are air bubbles in a BD syringe of dermal filler?

Dr Tim explains that if you have an air bubble mixed in with the filler in your BD syringe, it results in an air suspension problem. This means that as you compress the plunger in the syringe, it compresses the bubble and does not push the dermal filler out of the end of the needle properly. Conversely, when you release the pressure on the plunger, sometimes there is still pressure in the air bubble, and this keeps pushing the dermal filler out of the end of the needle.

As well as being very annoying, the presence of the air impacts your ability to control the flow of the filler gel and decreases the accuracy of your placement.

How to get rid of air bubbles from a BD syringe?

BD syringe filler bubblesThe secret to removing air bubbles from your BD syringe is to avoid getting them in the first place, notes Dr Tim, which all comes down to your preparation technique. It is vital that you hone the technique to fill the back of your BD syringe in a way that excludes any air bubbles.

To decrease the risk of getting air bubbles in your syringe, we must first think about where the air bubbles are coming from, which is usually just on the back side of the bead of filler gel that you put into the BD syringe, i.e., the space in between the plunger and the filler gel creates the large air bubbles. You may also get smaller air bubbles throughout your syringe, depending on how cleanly you transfer the filler gel into the BD syringe. If you leave little spaces in the gel as you are injecting it into the BD syringe, smaller air bubbles will form within the syringe.

To avoid these problems, Dr Tim demonstrates placing only the tip of the needle into the BD syringe, keeping it still whilst injecting and continuously filling up the syringe until the gel pushes out of the back of the syringe meaning that there is no longer any space left for air accumulation. You can then place the plunger into the syringe, touching the filler, rather than the sides of the syringe where air would also be present. This way there is no room for an air bubble and as you slide the plunger into the syringe, there should be no air suspension meaning the product can flow from the needle easily and with full control.

Mistakes aesthetic clinicians make which cause air bubbles in BD syringes

To further highlight what can go wrong, Dr Tim explained why he thinks many aesthetic clinicians get air bubbles in their BD syringes.

Instead of only placing the tip of the needle into the barrel of the BD syringe, if you go too far in by placing the full needle length, plus some or all the hub into the end of the syringe and then proceed to transfer the filler gel, it means that part of the BD syringe is filled with the other device. The space occupied equals air once you remove it and attempt to push in the plunger. Too much air behind the dermal filler results in the compression of the air every time you push the plunger, with very little product expelled cleanly and easily. Upon release, the plunger naturally moved backwards due to the pressure from the bubble. As a clinician, you will sense the lack of control and be wasting all your energy compressing air instead of pushing out the product smoothly, thus removing the main advantage of using a BD syringe for certain dermal filler treatments like non-surgical rhinoplasty or tear trough treatment.

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Aesthetics Mastery Show

How to get bubbles out of your BD syringe

Dr Tim introduces the episode saying:

“Getting bubbles in your BD syringe can be more than just annoying for injectors. I can attest firsthand that the presence of air bubbles in your BD syringe can lead to compromised pressure and reduced precision when administering filler and Botox injections. In this tutorial, I’m excited to share one of my top tips with you. Within this tutorial, I’m going to show you my method for effectively removing bubbles from your BD syringe.”

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The episode has stimulated some excellent discussion from injectors and followers:

@alikamranian5966 asked:

“thank you so much for this critical tutorial. that is so struggle topic always between injectors and everyone saying different ways. but this is simple and good one. what if we need more amounts of filler? for example 0.5 cc filler is needed?”

@Automatic-Diaphragm replied:

“just take a longer needle and fill while pulling back the syringe. I do all this work with the long 22G needle, works great”

@parisaesmati5610 asked:

“thank you so much. i have the bubble problem even with botox. i waste it too much.”

@Nicki750zi replied:

“I do too. I have such a hard time drawing it up”

@traylvskev added:

“Draw the tox into the bd, then flick the syringe, any bubbles should present themselves just behind the needle, I push the plunger slightly so I’ve got all product and no bubbles.”

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