June 9, 2022

Trainer Miranda Pearce

‘Inside Aesthetics’ Podcast

Miranda Pearce explores the issues around motivation and mindset on the Inside Aesthetics podcast. 

The full podcast is below:

Motivation & Mindset

Miranda and the Inside Aesthetics team discussed the ways in which self-belief can limit sales.

Miranda explained:

“Human beings need to be led, you know like I want people to sell to me, because I’m so freakin’ time poor that even some decision like which tyre do I buy – I can’t be arsed, just tell me what tyre to buy you know. I want to be pushed over the line.”

IA replied

“I think the word sales has been given a bad rap, because (and we’ve spoken about this before) you think about sales and you think about some sleazy real estate agent, used car dealer trying to flog you something that you don’t need, a car that you don’t need, but people are coming to you because you’re the expert or you’re what they perceive as the expert, so it’s like education and trying to do the best by your patient, it’s not about selling them something for the sake of selling it.”

Miranda replied:

“But also, let’s be honest with ourselves, let’s be brutally honest with ourselves – do you have a philosophical objection to sales? Or are you just scared to say ‘you need 5 syringes’. You know me, I was 39 when I had 16 syringes and look at me, I’m super natural. So let’s just ask ourselves, are you really worried about that, or are you just a bit like you don’t want her to judge you. I think if you do an awesome consultation, which you know, let’s be honest, consultation is where it’s at – you know, your whole business will sky-rocket. Tim improved his consultation and he increased his average appointment value 80% in 2 years…

“…so if you can do a great consultation, no one’s ever going to think you’re pushy, because you’ve done this beautiful dance.”

The IA team suggested that people can struggle with fear of rejection too. In addition, injectors by definition often come from a hospital setting where they get a salary through the NHS, so it can feel weird and injectors can feel conscious about the money aspect, suggesting

“I guess you just need to say it in a way that ‘this is just what you need, I’m diagnosing your face and this is the solution’

“Maybe it’s the guilt that you know as a medical professional that this treatment is not necessary to sustain life. So when you work in the NHS people are coming to you because they need something, it’s not really a discussion of do you want, it’s what you need. So it’s need vs want.”

Miranda responded based on her own experience as a client having a significant treatment:

“Can I just challenge that as a woman who sat up on the bed and was connected with my sexiness again like – that is life. And obviously it’s not like if I didn’t have the lips I would have still had a happy life but I think what we do is super profound.

“Tim did an 8 syringe treatment the other day and she texted me afterwards and said something like ‘I feel myself again’ – what a phenomenal gift! It’s not superficial.”

The IA team debated how you communicate that ‘magic’ to someone who hasn’t yet experienced it:

“It’s hard to explain that to someone who has not had it yet, so that new patient…

“…they just want lips or whatever. They haven’t connected why they’re doing it, is basically what I’m saying.”

Miranda concluded

“I think we’re talking about the conversation between you and yourself, like it’s a mindset conversation. It’s really and truly being happy with what you’re about to do and then when you feel – going back to my colleague Jay so he is by trade a salesperson he books people into our training, face to face training – he loves us so much, he’s so confident in what we do, that he has zero holding back in that moment when he says ‘so would you like to book’ – that close moment. Now I don’t think clinicians should be closing, like it’s a different thing, but the principles are the same – if you’re happy with it, then you will talk that person in a consultation and you would never put pressure, but you will not have your own mindset blocks about how many syringes. If they give you a signal of they want more, then you will be open to it.

“Back in the day I used to talk myself – I used to talk people down on the phone. For example, I was always scared of tear troughs because we used to get complications. When we first started we used to do stupid amounts, 2 in tear troughs – until Volbella came out – and this goes back to the pricing thing – we charged £199 and we got a few complications and Tim was like…

“…when Volbella came out he said that’s it we charged £595, so we trebled the price and we (I haven’t got the numbers) but we became known locally as awesome at tear troughs. People were paying three times the amount because we knew that it was worth it to them (A) – and that (B) that tear troughs was a bigger risk of complications. We didn’t want that ‘is it worth it moment'”

“Tim has this most amazing story, this lady who’d got divorced recently and people kept saying to her you look tired, the classic kind of thing with tear trough; and he did her tear troughs and she ended up marrying a man who had a yacht and she went away into the sunset happily ever after

“So that’s the kind of stuff that we do – don’t limit yourself.”

Inside Aesthetics Podcast

Inside Aesthetics (IA) is a weekly podcast in the aesthetics industry hosted by Dr Jake Sloane & David Segal. The podcast discusses key issues cosmetic treatment issues with key opinion leaders, brands & practitioners. Miranda Pearce joined in the discussion in podcast #129:

“The injector mindset and how to supercharge your aesthetics business”

The discussion includes:

  • Pricing
    • How to set pricing within a saturated market?
    • The value of a skilled injector
    • How to feel confident charging appropriately
  • Communication and value
    • Reducing no shows
    • Handling last-minute cancellations
    • Increasing word of mouth referrals
    • Improving patient loyalty
  • Motivation and mindset
    • How to combat ‘injecting anxiety’
    • Dealing with limiting beliefs
    • Recovering confidence after a complication

Listen in full at

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