March 30, 2022

Trainer Miranda Pearce

‘Inside Aesthetics’ Podcast

Further to our previous blog Miranda Pearce on Pricing – ‘Inside Aesthetics’ Podcast, we’re here to continue the discussion as Miranda Pearce explores the issues around communication and value on the Inside Aesthetics podcast. 

Inside Aesthetics (IA) is a weekly podcast in the aesthetics industry hosted by Dr Jake Sloane & David Segal. The podcast discusses key issues cosmetic treatment issues with key opinion leaders, brands & practitioners. Miranda Pearce joined in the discussion in podcast #129:

“The injector mindset and how to supercharge your aesthetics business”

The full podcast is below:

The discussion includes:

  • Pricing
    • How to set pricing within a saturated market?
    • The value of a skilled injector
    • How to feel confident charging appropriately
  • Communication and value
    • Reducing no shows
    • Handling last-minute cancellations
    • Increasing word of mouth referrals
    • Improving patient loyalty
  • Motivation and mindset
    • How to combat ‘injecting anxiety’
    • Dealing with limiting beliefs
    • Recovering confidence after a complication

Communication & Value

Having discussed the nitty gritty of pricing, the hosts asked:

“So what about those people who are not only struggling with the pricing issue; but then you know you get those annoying things like last minute cancellations, didn’t turn up, didn’t bother even checking in to say I’m not coming and then people sort of struggle with what do I do, or how do I stop that happening so frequently, or are there any special methods that you guys have done at SkinViva to make it better?”

Miranda replied:

“So again I could give you some tactics, it’s all the things you know. It’s all the things like deposits, it’s reminders – but why do we know what to do, but then we don’t do what we know?”

Miranda explained her own resistance and fear around taking deposits, but the realisation that booking without a deposit meant that clinicians could have a completely wasted journey in the event of a no show. Her advice is to set rules and boundaries.  She says:

“You set your boundary, reinforce it and stick with it.”

Miranda suggests that this attitude will set up a good precedent for the consultation too:

“You will have set boundaries, you know, Jake will set boundaries all the time ‘no you can’t have another syringe because your lips already look big’ or whatever.

“… and actually if we are doing that beforehand it just says ‘this business is run well, there are boundaries’.”

The discussion moved on and IA asked:

“How do you build patient loyalty so that they value you more? Because again they’re going to base this on price – oh I can get it down the road for 10 bucks cheaper – so I’m guessing for that new injector who’s struggling with confidence that’s really my question – how do you build the confidence to lay down the law and get them to respect you and be more loyal in a nice way.”

Miranda gave her view:

“It starts with belief that you are worth it. Now I’m a massive advocate of you cannot (or I have never seen evidence that you can) magic up self-belief. You know people do affirmations and stuff like that and you know more power to them, great. But I don’t, I’ve never seen any evidence that it works.

“I think you can only get self-belief by proving it to yourself.”

She suggested small steps and simple boundaries – like taking a deposit – so customers will naturally assume that you are worthy. The key is to focus on the customer rather than on other clinicians you see on Instagram.

“…become obsessed with your customer, become obsessed with showing up for value – so even if you aren’t the shizzle yet and you haven’t got all these accolades – just help them! They’re just normal people.”

Jake asked how you grow word of mouth customers in an industry where some clients may want to keep their treatments private. Miranda suggested:

“Have the balls to ask for a share or for a review.

“And again, I’ve been there. I did not want to do that, but now I’m awesome. Whenever I see someone who’s happy in my business, what I do is I have a little formula – I actually teach this on my course – there’s a whole module on how to get more reviews and before and after pictures.

“What’s key is passion gives permission.

“So if you, so if someone sits up on the bed at the mirror moment – they look in the mirror and they do what I did of like ‘oh my God I look sexy’ – in that moment you need to be passionate. You need to be positive. You need to say ‘oh my God you look amazing, I can’t believe this’. And then, from a place of strength, ask them. Ask them for a review. Ask them for a before and after. But don’t do this ‘er, I mean, don’t worry if you can’t, honestly it will be absolutely fine if you don’t, but how would you feel about maybe, maybe doing a review?’ – NO – they’ll be like sense your lack of certainty and they’ll be out the door like ‘nah I don’t want to’. Why? It’s just something between humans that goes on in that moment.

“If you are certain and enthusiastic – not pushy of course – if you are certain and you are enthusiastic and you say ‘oh my God you look absolutely amazing I’m so proud of that’ – say that you’re proud of your treatment! and say ‘how do you feel about me putting up photos of before and after?’

“It’s not pushy but it’s pretty certain. If you would like to caveat it you can say ‘no pressure’ or you could even, if you want to push it a bit more, you could say what’s in it for them to do that. So for example you could say – ask the question and then say ‘because do you know what, a lot of people don’t even want to come into this industry because they’re worried about dodgy practitioners and it really helps – it really helps other customers like you – find me. I’m safe.’ So that’s a kind of a sell that you can do.

“Or another sell that you could do at the end of it is say ‘it really helps my business’ because people just want to help don’t they. But you’ve got to catch them in that moment when they’re happy and you’ve got to ask with certainty, passion. Don’t talk  yourself out of it.”

Miranda emphasised that people want to be sold to with firm advice from a perceived expert.

Listen in full at

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