April 8, 2022

Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners


The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) called for statutory regulation of cosmetic treatments in the UK in February 2022, after The Times newspaper exposed examples of beauticians with no medical qualifications injecting younger women with products obtained on the ‘black market’.

The article stated that this situation could be ‘putting them at risk of being disfigured for life’.

Professor David Sines CBE, the Chair and Registrar of the JCCP said:

“The JCCP receives an average of more than thirty complaints and ‘issues of concern’ each week regarding unsafe practice associated with treatments, medicines and the supply of aesthetic products and the training standards and qualifications that many practitioners present with.”

The JCCP says it has seen a growing number of harmful complications arising from 2 key areas:

  • Unlicensed injectable products
  • Poor treatment by inappropriately qualified and trained practitioners

Since then, the UK Government has now announced plans for a licensing regime for non-surgical treatments including botulinum toxin and dermal fillers.

Lord Kamall told the House of Lords

“…the Government are committed to improving the safety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures by establishing a licensing system. This will support the introduction of consistent standards that individuals carrying out such cosmetic procedures will have to meet, as well as hygiene and safety standards for premises.

“The definitions in the amendment are intended to cover the broad range of cosmetic procedures which, if improperly performed, have the potential to cause serious injury and harm. The subsequent regulations will set out in detail the treatments to be covered by the licensing system, and the detailed conditions and training requirements individuals would have to meet. The purpose of this amendment is not to ban procedures or stifle innovation, but rather to ensure that consumers who choose to undergo a cosmetic procedure can be confident that the treatment they receive is safe and of a high standard. The Government will work with stakeholders, including noble Lords, to put in place a licensing regime that works for both consumers and providers, protecting those who choose to receive cosmetic procedures without placing unnecessary restrictions on legitimate businesses.”


Video promoting the amendment to the Health and Care Bill

The JCCP is one of 20 organisations supporting better public safety in aesthetic non-surgical cosmetic procedures. This video explains more about the amendment to the health and care bill and thanks the government for the change.


10-point plan for Safer Regulation in the Aesthetic Sector

In 2021, the JCCP has published a 10-point plan for Safer Regulation in the Aesthetic Sector, https://www.jccp.org.uk/ckfinder/userfiles/files/10 point plan.pdf. The change to the health and care bill paves the way for significant progress on regulation of the market and it is hoped that this will advance a number of points of the plan.

The 10 point plan gives comprehensive suggestions for safer regulation of aesthetic treatments including injectables, fillers, invasive lasers, ‘deep’ peels and other invasive treatments. The ten points outlined a number of ways in which to create a safer environment for members of the public undergoing non-surgical treatments; from qualifications, registration and insurance to criteria for the premises where treatments are carried out.

The 10 points in the plan are:

  1. Statutory Regulation
    For the non-surgical aesthetics and hair restoration surgical sector
  2. Mandatory Education And Training Standards
    Specific qualifications, education and training requirements to be imposed
  3. Publication Of Clear, Transparent Information
    Simple, informative guides on treatments to include risks, benefits, costs, qualifications and proof of insurance
  4. Legal Definition Of Medical And Cosmetic Treatments
    To define what constitutes a ‘medical’, a ‘medically-related’ treatment and what is ‘cosmetic’ only
  5. Safe And Ethical Prescribing
    Standards and regulation for safe, ethical, professional prescribing
  6. More Regulated Advertising And Social Media
    Tighter controls and penalties on exaggerated, inaccurate and misleading advertising and social media posts
  7. National Complications Reporting
    Enhanced and co-ordinated processes for national reporting and analysing of adverse incidents
  8. Adequate Insurance Cover
    Legal requirement to hold appropriate medical indemnity insurance
  9. Licensing Of Premises, Treatments And Practitioners
    Nationally agreed standards for licensing and regulating premises, treatment procedures and practitioners
  10. Raising Consumer Awareness
    Communication of the risks and benefits of treatment

The JCCP intends to work with the government and relevant bodies to create a safer environment for those looking for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Dr Tim’s thoughts on licensing cosmetic procedures

For more information on the forthcoming changes, see Dr Tim’s blog What will licensing of cosmetic procedures mean for aesthetic injectors?

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