July 5, 2018

There’s dealing with a client complaint and then there’s accusing them of contracting Herpes.

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On Monday a story came to our attention that we feel like a lot of healthcare professionals and clients alike need to be aware of.

It was a case of a client going back to her clinician 6 months following Lip Enhancement as she was worried that her lips were hard and lumpy. Are you looking for advise on how to treat lumps in lips? Download my free guide.

The client was met with a response that involved a lot of abuse via Facebook in which she was accused of contracting an STI. This is both insulting whilst also refusing to help her.

This is unacceptable. Client concerns should be handled in a very different way and as healthcare professionals it is our duty to be responsible.

On the left is a screengrab of the incident and on the right is how we handle things at SkinViva.

These types of situations make many good healthcare professionals very angry as they know the correct way to act in such situations.

Dr Tim Pearce believes that:

      ‘Most medical professionals will go overboard to make sure that that person is helped. There is a tendency to blame ourselves long before we start to blame the patient. We tend to take all the responsibility which is exactly what a health care professional should do’.

Dr Tim Pearce goes on to say that there are 3 ways that we can try and improve the system.

  1. Looking at the forces that may regulate our industry

There are lots of people that want to try and improve things and make them safer in the industry.

One example of this includes the JCCP. Even though it is in the very early stages, eventually they may have a large impact on the industry and make it safer.

Therefore, if you support them then you will be part of something very significant in changing the industry.

Dr Tim says

‘It’s a long-term game, nothing is going to change very quickly. But it is an option’

2. Leaving your opinion via the comments

Another option is to leave your opinion on certain Facebook and Instagram pages expressing your concern and leaving valuable criticism.

This is genuinely the most common way that practitioners like to express their voice on various elements in the industry. It may also help you in the short term as it gives you a form of expression as well as getting your name and opinion out there.

At the same time, it may also benefit the practitioner that you are commenting on as engagement boosts organic reach which in turn will make them more popular.

3. Reporting cases so they can be used as data

Whenever there is a complication you can report the case, so it can then be used as data by the JCCP. Bodies such as the MRHA and NHS England are trying to pull data that will hopefully end up in one place.

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