June 1, 2018

Have you ever wondered if you’re getting the most out of the dermal filler products you’re using?


Is there a different injecting technique that could help to improve the aesthetic results, without having to use more product?!

I recently discovered a new technique from my experience working with internationally renowned, Dr Arthur Swift, that results in about 5% more lift.

How does Dr Arthur Swift create more lift?

I recently had the privilege to work with Dr Arthur Swift on some live demonstrations for an event ran by Allergan.


When treating the cheek, he used a little technique where you pull back on the skin and then insert the needle all the way down to the periosteum, placing the bolus with traction on the skin.

I have taken to doing this and within my experience you get around 5% more lift.

Why would you get more lift by using this injectable technique?

The way I understand it is, you’re creating something a little bit similar to a speed bump – pulling all the tissue back and placing a little blockade against the tissue falling forward, on the bone so it’s well placed. So, when you release there is that little bit more traction, which ultimately helps you get a little bit more lift with the same amount of product.

I recommend, if you’re already doing cheeks with a neutral injection, just try gently pulling back on the cheek in the direction you’d like it to go and see if you get a little bit more lift.

Does it only apply to cheeks?

There probably isn’t that many other places that it will be directly relevant. Maybe if you’re doing the gonial angle, that’s a similar type of thought process as you’re trying to lift the jowl and you might get a little more lift, but so far I’ve not tested this.

This tip was shared as my ‘Pearl of the Week’ in the Aesthetics Mastery podcast, hosted with Dr Adam Cheong of SkinViva Training. To hear more tips and advice on how to improve your aesthetics skills (with topics including the emergency reversal protocol and the new Level 7 qualification) tune in on Soundcloud, with new episodes released every Thursday.

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