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The Lip Masters course is no longer available to new purchasers

Following the launch of Dr Tim Pearce’s NEW 8D Lip Design course

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NEW 8D Lip Design

The world’s first online lip training with interactive 3d anatomy and injection animation

Lip anatomy as you’ve never seen it before – literally get under the skin and explore anatomy and injection techniques interactively in 3 dimensions. Learn exactly where to inject and why it is safe and effective.

Watch injection techniques happen in 3D motion. Visualise what’s actually happening beneath the surface when you inject so that you can finally get the results you see in your mind’s eye

£350 x 6 monthly payments
OR £1,997 one-time payment (save £103)

Previous purchasers can continue to access the Lip Masters – Advanced Techniques in Augmentation and Restoration course as part of our Lifetime Access commitment.

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