June 15, 2023

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Recently, Dr Tim Pearce welcomed his apprentice winner, nurse Charlotte to a podcast to reflect on managing referrals for your aesthetic business.

In this blog, we share the key points from their conversation and Dr Tim explains why incentivising referrals works for some people, but not all, and how referral programmes can be a useful tool to bring in new patients to your clinic.

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Word of mouth referrals

Nurse Charlotte recalled how a lady that she goes to for eyelash treatments has recommended her aesthetic services and brought in at least four new patients to her clinic business. The lady in question visits nurse Charlotte for botulinum toxin treatment, feels thrilled with the results and consequently cannot help but extol the virtues of Charlotte’s services to every eyelash client that she treats – something of a captive audience when they spend an hour having their lashes done!

referrals recommendationsThis is, of course, wonderful news and a great source of referrals for nurse Charlotte. Trouble is she feels like she owes this lady, owes her a commission almost for talking about her all the time and bringing in so many referrals.

Dr Tim explained that managing referrals and the mechanism of their creation is quite an interesting topic and does require some thought.

For example, nurse Charlotte’s lash lady probably just really likes Charlotte and loves the results she has achieved from her treatment. She refers others as a gift to her to help her to succeed. Dr Tim noted that sometimes if you try to incentivise people in this situation – if nurse Charlotte offered her lash lady some money for each referral, for example – they do not like it, and will be less likely to refer because now payment is involved. This makes them feel uneasy because their reason for referring was not for personal gain.

Referral programmes

Some people are very money driven, stated Dr Tim. For example, anyone who asks for a discount when wanting treatment is very money driven. This does not make them bad patients, but rather than give them deals or discounts, it is better to offer them a referral programme. They seek money off their own treatment and this drive can make them very good at referring others to your services.

Dr Tim implemented a referral programme in his clinic for many years. It worked well, but as he explained to nurse Charlotte, you must work out your profit margins first before offering any incentivisation for referrals. It also helps to know how long you keep your average patient because that tells you how much you can afford to incentivise.

At his clinic, they used to make the reward for referrals a £100 pound gift voucher, which is a large discount off treatment, but this is related to profit margins which will vary by clinic. He understood that the patient would be coming in to spend more money anyway, thus, all he was are really giving away on that occasion was the cost price of a treatment. If, for example, they had earned £300 in three vouchers of £100 each, he was giving away £100 worth of filler and his time. That equates to £33 plus his time to acquire three new patients that were referred by this one patient, a cost that is well worth it.

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