August 26, 2022

Trainer Miranda Pearce

‘Inside Aesthetics’ Podcast

Miranda Pearce explores the issues around motivation and mindset on the Inside Aesthetics podcast. 

The full podcast is below:

Customer Service

The Inside Aesthetics team asked Miranda her views on ‘Need vs Want’.

“Maybe sometimes Doctors and Nurses don’t really appreciate the profoundness of what they’re doing and therefore they don’t sell or explain with the same excitement or the same passion, because when you’re truly excited about what you’re doing because you love it and you believe it, it just – it manifests itself – it’s contagious.

“So maybe people need to appreciate – you guys listening need to appreciate what you do, the changes that you do make to people’s lives and remember why you got in this industry to start with.”

Miranda responded:

“Let me give you a little tip for that as well, not many people do. When they come back for their second treatment or whatever or just a top-up, ask them – say (cos you know how we had this classic thing that if you’re a good marketeer you’ll say how did you find out about me) and likewise say ‘how did you find the last treatment, were there any changes in the way you are, were you more confident at the school gates’ you know ‘did you go for a date’ – ask them!

“And even if they just come back and say ‘yeah do you know I smiled in photos’ then you’ve done your job.

“Ask people and you will get your self-worth coming back at you.”

IA agreed:


Communications and Conversions

The discussion moved onto communication and how that can impact on conversion. IA asked:

“So what do you think good customer service is for an injectable patient and I guess the obvious one is be nice and do a good treatment and offer a follow up and whatever, but do you guys at SkinViva do anything that’s extraordinary, like do you have a separate waiting room or fancy teas or anything that really builds the experience and makes people go wow, this is the place to be.”

Miranda replied:

“I like all that stuff but I think that it comes second to actually having a superb responsive and human experience in the communication side of things.

“So I think people kind of – everyone wants to talk tactics, everyone wants to say oh you know we’ve got the tea or we do this extra thing, but actually if you really care about the humans, the humans will care about you.

“And actually there is a point where it has to end. I was a bit boundary-less back in the day and I would do anything for any of them, but you know I think far to few injectors are actually even picking up the phone when they are booking people in.

“I see the injectors getting annoyed, they’ll be like ‘…I was on my NHS shift and I had loads of people texting me…’ and – it’s not their fault your on your NHS shift – get back to them – get back to them quickly! And you will build.

“I remember when I used to be on the phones and I was always like hustling and doing it late at night and all the rest of it and I remember this thing that my colleague Keeley actually who’s still with us, she called it this as well, and I used to call it a ‘late night newbie’ so I would stay in the office until about 9.20pm – and I’m not saying everyone should do this, you need boundaries and all the rest of it – but I’ll give you the principles. I remember that I would get a website enquiry and I would think right OK let’s get onto them and I would call them – anything up until 9 o’clock – and some people might think this is weird… but I would, I’d call them …and like ‘oh hey Jane, it’s Miranda from SkinViva I just got your message via the website.”

Miranda described how initially the client would sound cautious, but then she continued:

“…We would have like the most amazing conversation, because no one else was getting back to Jane, she had hit up a few different website enquiries or social media enquiries whatever – no one else had got back to her until like 3 days later. Whereas me and Jane are having this deep and meaningful (about what… cos I’m like so knowledgeable and so amazing at customer service!) we’re having this deep and meaningful – of course she’s going to book I used to have the most amazing conversion rate that time of night, because we’d have these – I would surprise and delight them.

“So I would say surprise and delight with your communications, you know, when someone has a problem don’t tell them that it was in the consent form, don’t say ‘well you agreed to it in the consent form’ – no! Just hear them, just have empathy you know, treat them with deep respect and really kind of see them, and that’s the customer service that’s just allowed us to have higher prices, we always had high prices, especially as the prices have gone down over the years, we’ve kept our prices – and allows you to have this amazing reputation locally.”

Inside Aesthetics Podcast

Inside Aesthetics (IA) is a weekly podcast in the aesthetics industry hosted by Dr Jake Sloane & David Segal. The podcast discusses key issues cosmetic treatment issues with key opinion leaders, brands & practitioners. Miranda Pearce joined in the discussion in podcast #129:

“The injector mindset and how to supercharge your aesthetics business”

The discussion includes:

  • Pricing
    • How to set pricing within a saturated market?
    • The value of a skilled injector
    • How to feel confident charging appropriately
  • Communication and value
    • Reducing no shows
    • Handling last-minute cancellations
    • Increasing word of mouth referrals
    • Improving patient loyalty
  • Motivation and mindset
    • How to combat ‘injecting anxiety’
    • Dealing with limiting beliefs
    • Recovering confidence after a complication

Listen in full at

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