February 2, 2022

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Aesthetics marketing expert Miranda Pearce shares her 4 Ways To ‘Beat’ The Instagram Algorithm.

Her crucial Instagram Insights have helped many aesthetics practitioners and businesses to develop really compelling aesthetic treatment marketing and communication on social media.

By Miranda Pearce, Marketing

If I had a pound for every time a marketing ‘guru’ told me I could beat the Insta algorithm, I’d be so rich I’d never need to do marketing again!

Saying you can beat the algo is like saying you can beat Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas ?

The house ALWAYS wins.

The algo is just a computer programme trying to work out what’s valuable to its users, so that we spend more time there.

You can’t trick it, but here are 4 ways you can work with it:1) Reply to all comments ASAP within the first 15 mins after you post

The algo decides how valuable your post is within the first 15 mins.

If you get comments, it’ll put your post in front of more people.

So, make sure you’re very present on Insta for that window, replying to comments to keep the conversation going.

2. Follow your potential clients, not colleagues

I know you love your fellow injectors, but by following too many of them, a percentage will follow you back and the algo will think you’re valuable to injectors, not patients.

It will start suggesting your account to other clinicians, not the people who actually pay your bills!

3. Stop using irrelevant hashtags to get followers

Using hashtags like ‘love’ or ‘followforfollow’ might get you followers today, but you’ll lose a high percentage tomorrow.

Plus, it shows the algo that you’re relevant to the types of people who just follow anyone, instead of your actual target market…local women looking for aesthetic injections.

4. Be very present on DMs

If your followers direct message (DM) you, even if it’s just by replying to your stories, it’s SUPER important you engage in a proper conversation.

In 2020 Instagram said that the most recent version of the algo would reward relationships, and relationships thrive in intimate places like DMs.

Never just ‘like’ a DM from a potential patient.

Reply as if you were having a proper conversation in the Post Office queue ❤—

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