November 11, 2021

Julie Horne RN

Julie Horne RN

On 19th October 2021, Dr Tim Pearce hosted a Live on Instagram and interviewed one of the world’s foremost experts in lip fillers, Julie Horne RN, to discuss her inspiring journey into aesthetic practice and her status as a superstar injector.

During the interview, Julie shared her advice about building your aesthetic business, how to get to the top, and some of her secrets to success.

In this blog, Dr Tim Pearce highlights some of the stand-out points from his interview with Julie Horne and invites you to catch up with part two of his interview now hosted on You Tube as part of the Aesthetic Mastery Show. You can also read his previous blog based on part one of the interview that explored the lip fencing vertical injection technique that Julie Horne developed for lip filler treatments.

Dr Tim will be discussing more medical aesthetic training tips as part of his upcoming webinar series, so if you’re looking to increase your CPD-certified learning and want to learn more skills to make you a better clinician, then step one is to register for the free webinars by Dr Tim.

Here are some of the discussion points and questions asked by Dr Tim during his interview with Julie.

How did you get started in aesthetics and what propelled you to the next level?

Julie explained how she was born with very thin lips, lacking a cupid’s bow, and with little definition. This made her self-conscious as a youth and young woman, so much so that she would often hide her mouth behind her hand when she smiled or laughed. From an early age she started to research treatment options for her own lips. Having found a well-known and reputable practitioner in Stockholm, a 4-hour drive away, and by now aged 19, she decided it was the right time and set off to visit the clinic.

Despite coming from a small town in Sweden, Julie noted how she was already very interested in fashion, wearing make-up, and the concepts of beauty – well ahead of her peer-group. Stepping into the Stockholm clinic to have her lip treatment, she was in awe of the clinic room, the treatment couch, and the whole set-up. At that point, she remembers saying to herself, “this is what I am going to do when I grow up”.

Following this initial lip treatment, Julie recalls being overwhelmed, to the point of tears and very happy with the results. She wanted to be able to achieve the same for other people – give them the happiness, the confidence etc.

Becoming a medical practitioner, she recalled an interesting job that she held at a hospital working with post-heart surgery patients for thirteen years. Despite loving the job, the call to move into aesthetic practice was always at the back of her mind.

Julie acknowledged that taking that – what seems like a giant – leap from a hospital based medical role into something new, on your own, in medical aesthetics is a big decision. Despite feeling somewhat scared, she took that step seven years ago and has never looked back.

She concluded that it is important to be driven by a passion, rather than anything else. Be kind, generous, and have the passion and drive for what you do.

With the benefit of hindsight, what advice would you give to yourself in the early days, or to new aesthetic injectors starting out in aesthetic practice today?

Lip Filler ExpertJulie noted that starting a new project, or embarking on a career change, is a very personal thing and everyone approaches it differently.

She explained that she is head strong and if she decides to do something then she puts 110% into it to push forward. Going on to say that the most important thing when you are a new injector is to ‘get your hands dirty’, an expression she attributed to Dr Subbio, the meaning of which is to ‘do it a lot’, practice and keep injecting – go on training, educate yourself, do your research, take every opportunity to attend free online education such as webinars or Instalives, and get inspiration from others including global leaders in the field.

Julie encouraged you all to not be afraid to experiment a little bit. This does not mean being complacent or like a ‘cowboy’, she explained, but being aware of the anatomy and being careful whilst trying different tweaks to your treatment, always with safety at the forefront of what you do.

Her final bit of advice would be to find a mentor who is willing to answer questions as you encounter things you do not understand. She encourages you to reach out to a variety of people, some will reject you, but many will welcome you and want to share their knowledge.

How do you cope in a saturated market of aesthetic practice, and avoid worrying about the competition?

Julie explained that she feels somewhat lucky but puts it down to her passion for her aesthetic practice and specialising in lip filler treatments – calling it an obsession with lips.

This means that she has a very good patient base, that she was able to build up quite quickly, specifically for lip treatments. She also attributes her success to being yourself, loving what you do, being honest with your patients so that you create a long-term relationship of trust. Many of Julie’s patients have gone on to become personal friends because of her approach.

Aside from that, she noted that her Instagram account and the success of her social campaigns means that she attracts new patients and does not feel pressured by competition. Julie believes that with demand for aesthetic treatments increasing, there are enough patients for all aesthetic clinicians.

You can follow Julie Horne RN on Instagram for more insight from one of the world’s foremost lip filler experts.

Aesthetics Mastery Show

Dr Tim Pearce interviewed one of the world’s foremost lip experts, Julie Horne RN Julie Horne on the Aesthetic Mastery Show LIVE 19th October 2021. Over 2,000 injectors joined to watch the experts discuss the vertical fencing technique.

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