October 2, 2023

BD syringe filler bubblesIn a recent blog, we looked at how to safely use a BD syringe for dermal filler treatments, including why and when Dr Tim Pearce uses this technique for certain dermal filler procedures like non-surgical rhinoplasty and tear trough treatments.

In this blog, Dr Tim shares his top tips for transferring dermal filler safely into a BD syringe.

Please note that readers in Australia should check their current national regulation which we believe prohibits this practice in that territory.

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3 steps for transferring dermal filler from the supplied syringe to a BD syringe

If you do not transfer the dermal filler into the BD syringe properly, it can result in the formation of bubbles and wasted product which becomes costly in the end. There are safe and effective ways to transfer filler from the syringe that comes in from the manufacturer into a BD syringe. Here is a step-by-step guide from Dr Tim.

Step 1: Wearing sterile gloves, remove the plunger from a BD syringe ensuring that the plunger does not touch anything else to avoid cross-contamination. Dr Tim usually keeps it separate in his hand, between his fingers, without it touching the barrel of the syringe, which is also between his fingers.

Step 2: Slide the needle from the original syringe that you want to transfer from just into the start of the barrel or cylinder of the BD syringe and start to inject the product.

Top Tip: Do not slide the needle too far into the barrel of the BD syringe. If you do, things can go wrong because you create spaces where bubbles can form, which produces a suspension in the filler meaning that as you inject, you are squeezing air instead of pushing the product out of the syringe, and it becomes impossible to deliver the product efficiently. The aim is to generate as few bubbles as possible during the transfer process.

You should see a bolus of product start to form. Whilst it is forming, it is critical that the bevel of the needle stays within the middle of the bolus of filler to minimise bubble formation. If the bevel comes out of the filler, you start to create little spaces which are air bubbles. Keep filling until there is a little bulge of product out the back of the syringe, like a meniscus on top of a glass of water, with a rounded shape of filler at the end of the barrel where it meets the flange. This is where the plunger will connect.

Top Tip: Do not fill the whole BD syringe with filler product. The primary reason is that the needles on the BD syringes go blunt very quickly which will be uncomfortable for your patient. Dr Tim adds a maximum of 0.1ml into the back of several BD syringes when transferring the product from the original, larger manufacturer-supplied syringe. The added benefit is that if you do create a bubble in one syringe, which must be discarded if you cannot successfully inject, you have not wasted too much product by filling up a whole BD syringe.

Step 3: Retrieve the plunger and place it into the BD syringe barrel. The first thing it touches should be the filler. This ensures there are no air bubbles because it is a perfect fit, with no room for air bubbles to form. Slide the plunger slowly down towards the end of the syringe and you are ready to inject.

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Aesthetics Mastery Show

How to safely transfer filler to a BD syringe

Dr Tim introduces the episode saying:

“I like using a BD syringe for filling areas where I need more control, such as the nose or tear trough. I demonstrate my technique for how to avoid cross contamination decanting into a BD syringe so that you can try this technique out on your own patients.”

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