February 27, 2023

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Have you ever given any thought to the best way to improve your grasp of facial anatomy, be that vasculature, muscles, ligaments, or fat pads, for example? You might be surprised at the easiest way to achieve it, without spending any money!

In this blog, Dr Tim Pearce will tell you the technique he uses to expand and reinforce his facial anatomy knowledge, and it is as simple as using it every day in clinic and talking about it with your patients.

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The simple trick to increase your comprehension of facial anatomy

The quickest way to get very proficient at recalling your facial anatomy learning is to utilise it as often as you can, says Dr Tim.

So, what does that mean? It means thinking about it at every opportunity, and talking to your patients to verbalise what you know. Dr Tim regularly embeds his own learning by educating and teaching others, both in a formal training environment and through his regular online video content and social media posts. In doing this, he realised that a good consultation with your patient is also full of teaching – as you explain to them, you are teaching them about the anatomy and cementing your own learning.

botox fillers consultOf course, not everyone will engage, approximately a third of people have the personality type whereby they are very interested in learning, the other two thirds are glad that YOU know it but they are not interested in hearing about it, even to the point where a third of them will appear bored and want to talk about something else during the consultation. Each to their own of course, however, Dr Tim believes that there is an opportunity within the consultation, and the treatment itself, to show off what you know and strengthen your knowledge.

This applies even to the most basic of factors related to facial anatomy, simply because it crystalises your understanding when you start to explain to every patient that you see the reason for their concern and can explain the anatomical changes. For example, if their cheek is slightly narrow and you explain that it is because their lateral fat pad has shrunk which tends to occur before the medial fat pad, this goes into your head and becomes part of your mental model too.

Long-term, because you are thinking about facial anatomy every day, and applying it, it will stick. Your brain is programmed to forget irrelevant things that it does not need, hence, you will not remember things just because you want to remember them, it must be useful to your brain and be in regular use. Thus, by using your facial anatomy knowledge with your patients, and verbalising specifics, the content becomes useful, and your recollection and recall is accelerated.

Get started with some good knowledge by reading Dr Tim’s top 5 facial anatomy lessons for aesthetic injectors where he has compiled a round-up of anatomy lessons for the lips, chin, platysmal bands, facial ligaments, and the anatomy of the lower face.

Why not also get your hands on Dr Tim’s limited edition facial anatomy posters which are available to buy for your aesthetic business as a helpful tool to understand the muscles of the face, the superficial fat pads, the arterial blood supply, the deep fat pads and ligaments, and the nerve supply to the face.

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Dr Tim loves to hear from his followers, so if you have any top tips for remembering key anatomy or questions you want him to cover, why not drop him a comment on social media, , you can find Dr Tim Pearce on Instagram.

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Aesthetics Mastery Show

How To Accelerate Your Facial Anatomy knowledge!

In this episode, Dr Tim explains that the best way to improve your knowledge on Facial Anatomy is to utilise it in your clinic and talk about it. Dr. Tim tells us the techniques he used to expand his knowledge on Facial Anatomy and how it can be applied. Watch the full Aesthetics Mastery Show here.

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