October 20, 2022

Aesthetic Medical eLearning

Dr Tim Pearce has launched not one but TWO eLearning courses dedicated to lip fillers, sharing knowledge to help practitioners carrying out this popular procedure.

Lip fillers are one of the most popular procedures is world-renowned for producing eLearning courses for injectors, yet there is surprising complexity involved in creating beautiful results.

However, safety is just as important, which is why the first of Dr Tim’s new courses provides comprehensive eLearning videos and documents for injectors carrying out lip reversal.

Elective Lip Reversal

lip filler reversal course

At the end of August, Dr Tim Pearce launched The Elective Lip Reversal course. Hundreds of injectors were quick to take advantage of the eLearning dedicated to handling the situation should lip fillers require reversal.

Dr Tim explains:

“More and more Clinicians are being asked to dissolve overfilled or incorrectly filled lips. Would you know where to start with an elective filler reversal?

What dose of Hyaluronidase to use?

What technique to use?

How long before you can re-treat lips?

Where you stand legally on correcting someone else’s work?

In this course I answer all your questions and take you right through the lip filler reversal process.

You’ll learn how to effectively communicate with your clients.

How to discuss and consult to gain consent.

How to prepare for the procedure including how to allergy test.

How and where to inject and provide aftercare advice.”

The course provides users with 20 modules as well as access to a host of useful downloadable documents such as protocols, consent forms and aftercare leaflets.

Elective Lip Reversal Course £299

8D Lip Design

A month later, the most eagerly awaited lip filler design course launched.

8D Lip Design is unique, as it incorporates interactive 3D anatomy and injection animation to explain the intricacies of lip enhancement using dermal fillers.

Lip anatomy is illustrated with interactive, 3D models for full exploration of the anatomy, making it easy to visualise the impact of injection techniques.

It’s a comprehensive course with a massive 32 modules to watch again and again, as and when you need to.

8D lips - gif1 8D lips gif2

In addition, purchasers gain access to a variety of vital documents including

  • The blueprint guide to the 8D consultation process – step by step guide on how to consult using the 8Dimensions formula so you can design lip solutions
  • Photography consent form
  • The 9 step set up guide to photography
  • Lip migration protocol
  • Lip migration aftercare leaflet
  • Lip filler aftercare and advice leaflet
  • Lip filler mini aftercare leaflet
  • Lip consultation question checklist

Tim’s team explains the benefits of the course:

8D Primary Logo“Get the kind of epic lip results you see on Instagram

​Replace anxiety about M-shaped, asymmetrical, thin lips, with a feeling of confidence that you can handle any shape!

​​Make your patients so happy that they tell all their friends

​Avoid complications and complaints by visualising in 3D what’s actually happening under the skin’s surface

​Stop feeling overwhelmed about which technique and product to choose, and instead learn a simple but wildly effective design formula

​FINALLY start taking professional looking before and after lip photos to spread the word about your services…even if you’re not tech savvy!”

There’s an option to spread the cost over 6 months, or else pay in full for a saving of £103.

Purchase 8D Lip Design Course

Dr Tim Pearce eLearning

Dr Tim Pearce MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP founded his eLearning concept in 2016 in order to provide readily accessible BOTOX® and dermal filler online courses for fellow Medical Aesthetics practitioners. His objective was to raise standards within the industry – a principle which remains just as relevant today.

Our exclusive video-led courses are designed to build confidence, knowledge and technique at every stage, working from foundation level to advanced treatments and management of complications.

Thousands of delegates have benefited from the courses and we’re highly rated on Trustpilot. For more information or to discuss which course is right for you, please get in touch with our friendly team.

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