October 18, 2021

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Aesthetics Marketing Expert Blog

Mindset guru and aesthetics marketing expert Miranda Pearce says:

“It’s chicken and egg, right? You know you need to get out there and sell yourself, but you lack confidence in aesthetics”

In her latest blog, Miranda shares her unique insights on how to go about it, step by step.

By Miranda Pearce, Marketing

1) Make a ‘Value List’

I’m not talking values as in “I believe it’s good to be kind”.

I’m talking things that will be of value to your patients.

Far too many of you spend all your time in self doubt, without actually stopping and taking stock of what you do have to offer the world.

Let’s change that.

sample value tableSpend a few minutes now taking stock of the value you bring to your patients.

The obvious ones in the below images are in a handy template you can download on Tim’s website at value audit template.

BUT never, and I mean never, underestimate the power of the softer ‘bedside manner’ value you bring, eg:

Are you:

  • Super caring
  • Non-flashy and non-judgement.
  • A normal, approachable person like your patients to whom they can relate. You do NOT, repeat NOT, need to be some perfect clinician-robot who has no problems.
  • Funny / irreverent
  • Discrete
  • Really into style eg the interior of your clinic / what you wear
  • Honest
  • Calming

Health warning: don’t try to fake this. You are who you are, so people will sense BS at at hundred paces if you claim to be all of these.

E.g., if I told you I am calm and really into style, you’d be like ‘Hmm, not so much, Miranda?’

But, if I told you I’m ‘Honest, energetic, ass-kicking, funny’ that would make more sense.

Make sure you note down all the value you bring to your patients on your Value List, and then move onto step two:

2) Ask them!

When you’re on the phone/inbox to someone enquiring about your services, you think they’re fixated on how good you are, right?


They’re actually focusing on themselves.

Yes, of course they’re checking you out, but they’re doing that through the lens of their own values.

For example, some people are very convenience-driven (me!)

Some people are very worried about complications, and like a lot of hand-holding and educating.


Ask an open-ended question like ‘How long have you been thinking about having treatment?’

Within minutes, you’ll know their motivations, blockers, concerns about treatment, and key life circumstances that brought them to the point of decision.

You can then bespoke which values of yours perfectly match what matters to them ?

What if a patient can’t afford treatment?

Tim increased his average appointment value – how much patients spend on average within each appointment – by 80% in two years just by tweaking his consultation.

You know enough about him to know that he ain’t salesy.

So, what does he do when a patient wants treatment but says it’s out of their budget?

Luckily for you, he shared in this Timanda. Click the link below to hear his advice:


confidence courage miranda pearceQuote of the Week

If you don’t have confidence, please know that the only way around that is through; you must take small brave actions every day for years.

Then a magical thing will happen: you’ll start to trust yourself.

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