September 27, 2021

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While more practitioners than ever turn to social media to attract clients, the early days can be frustrating. Those quickest to ‘follow’ and ‘like’ your activity may not be relevant in terms of potential clientele. 

Miranda Pearce shares her advice on how to get the right type of people to see your posts.

By Miranda Pearce, Marketing

Almost every day a practitioner says to me “The only followers I have are other injectors or johns_bargain_fillers ?”

And, unless you have something to sell to your colleagues, they’re as much use to you as a chocolate teapot.

Below are 3 practical tips to change that. Warning: the 3rd one is a bit controversial.

But first let me explain a fundamental truth:

Train dog instagramThe Insta algorithm is like a dog being trained.

Every single move you make in the app trains the algorithm what you like, and what value you might bring to your audience.

TIP # 1: Choose wisely who you follow

Don’t follow practitioners back just because they follow you.

Only follow local people who are likely to buy from you.

TIP # 2: Reduce how much you engage with colleagues’ posts

This might sound cold, but Instagram reps have made it clear that the algo values relationships. So if you’re loving on other injectors and vice versa, the algo will suggest your page to more of them.

TIP # 3: Stop making content that’s mean about your customers just to get a laugh from colleagues

This one is complex, but suffice to say I’ve seen a massive rise in posts that are harshly laughing at patients instead of with them.

It’s OK, like Dr Naomi does so sublimely, to laugh at patients’ funny quirks eg wanting loads of filler, but only if the implication is you also do the same. That way, you’re laughing with them, not at them.

This is a fine line for you to navigate, but all I’ll say is don’t be surprised when you get followed by a load of injectors because you made posts that tickle THEIR funny bone instead of your customers’.

Before you post, ask yourself:

Is this valuable to my dream customer, or am I just having a laugh with my colleagues?

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