May 27, 2021

DCAM logoMiranda Pearce launches new marketing course to give aesthetic clinicians the keys to social media conversion success.

Online aesthetic training provider, Dr Tim Pearce eLearning is delighted to announce the launch of a new web-based marketing course for aesthetic clinicians, designed and led by expert marketing adviser Miranda Pearce, entitled the Dream Customer Attraction Method (DCAM).

Showcasing what to expect from DCAM, Miranda introduces a free marketing webinar going live at 8pm on 27th May and dishes up some great marketing secrets.

Alongside her husband Dr Tim, Miranda founded the SkinViva clinic in 2008, and is the driving force behind the new Dream Customer Attraction Method marketing course. This fantastic addition to the eLearning portfolio is created especially for aesthetic clinicians who feel lost in their marketing and do not know what to do next. DCAM is ideal for those who worry about what to post on social media every day, wonder if they are posting the right thing when it all seems a bit hit and miss, and more importantly cannot understand why their social media posts are not converting into bookings.

“Many aesthetic clinicians feel frustrated by the sheer volume of competition within the aesthetic sector and wonder how they can stand out from the crowd. They see other aesthetic clinicians smashing it on Instagram and worry that they are never going to be able to compete; I want to show them that they can”,

Miranda remarked.

Set over three core principles with twenty-five modules, DCAM aims to help aesthetic clinicians master their marketing and take their social media game to the next level. By following a step-by-step eLearning approach, using masterclass videos alongside exercises to complete in a downloadable workbook, trainees will implement their learning and reach their goals. The course package of downloadable MP4 and PDF materials also includes a done-for-you treasure chest of content ideas, a marketing essentials tool kit, advertising regulation guidance, an engagement rate calculator, sales conversion scripts, access to a closed Facebook group, and much more.

“In the DCAM course, I am teaching aesthetic clinicians how to fish”, said Miranda. “I am not giving them a fish. I am teaching them the fundamental principles of marketing – how to grab attention, how to keep it through a story, and how to call out for an action from their customer. These principles can be applied anywhere, on any social media platform, but Instagram is the popular choice to master, so this course teaches clinicians how to get the most out of Instagram using these principles, including mastering feed posts, stories and using hashtags, as well as Instagram Reels, Live, and IGTV.”

To thrive and succeed in the aesthetic sector, clinicians must first learn to ‘decommodify’ themselves – understand why they are their greatest marketing asset. People buy from other humans and the DCAM course teaches clinicians how to speak to the heart of their dream customer, not get caught in the trap of posting generic news and aesthetic information, but to get inside the head of their dream customer and build trust.

If a clinician can deliver great content which helps their dream customer to overcome their limiting beliefs, fears, or uncertainties about treatment, their conversion rate from ‘lurker’, who just reads the posts, to ‘buyer’ who trusts them enough to direct message and book an appointment will increase. Aesthetics is all about building relationships and building trust – aesthetic clinicians see their patients regularly and they become part of each other’s lives. The DCAM course focuses on using social media as an advantage in marketing, because unlike email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, or search engine optimisation (SEO), social media is the perfect medium for growing and maintaining relationships, you just have to learn how!

“For my business DCAM has been invaluable”, said Maggie Pyle, from Rose Aesthetics in South Sheilds. “I did not really feel I had a business before and was just scrolling through other people’s social pages thinking that is how you do marketing and copying them. I feel DCAM has given me the power to really take ownership of my business. I now confidently have the tools and know exactly what to do to grow my business, and because of the depth of the course feel they are now ingrained in me. I do not feel confused or lost with my marketing. I know how to stand out, not be beige and attract my dream customer.”

To learn more about the full Dream Customer Attraction Method (DCAM) eLearning course and receive some free marketing tips to get started, aesthetic clinicians are invited to join Miranda’s latest webinar, available at:

The introductory webinar will include free DCAM tips on how to effortlessly generate 75 killer content ideas that will lead to bookings, the secret 3-step formula to make social posts that will stop the tumbleweed forever, and the surprising truth about how many followers you really need to make a 6-figure income from aesthetics.

Free aesthetics marketing webinar

Please sign up for the DCAM webinar below:

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About Miranda Pearce

Trainer Miranda PearceMiranda Pearce founded the SkinViva Clinic in Manchester in 2008 with her husband, Dr Tim Pearce. Since launching their medical aesthetic clinic and SkinViva Training in 2013, Miranda has been on a marketing journey of a lifetime and has successfully grown their business to a turnover of over £3 million per year. She went on to take the ‘Dr Tim’ brand from 5,000 Instagram followers to over 37,000 inside eighteen months and co-hosts the UK’s number 1 aesthetics podcast with her husband.

Miranda is also behind the ‘Medical Aesthetics Mindset Warriors’ Facebook group, which she set up in 2018 as an oasis of positivity and support for aesthetic clinicians; the group now has over 4,500 members. Miranda is an expert marketing adviser for thousands of aesthetic clinicians which has culminated in the launch of her Dream Customer Attraction Method course where she can share how she has made a success of using social media to gain customers, and how other aesthetic clinicians can do it too.

About DCAM

The Dream Customer Attraction Method (DCAM) is the brainchild of Miranda Pearce who has spent thirteen years learning the ropes to successfully market the medical aesthetic clinic that she co-founded with her husband Dr Tim Pearce.

DCAM course contents

The DCAM course includes:

  • 25 e-learning video masterclasses which will take clinicians through everything from how to gain an intimate understanding of their dream customer, to what makes great content, and how to present it in a way which is guaranteed to attract attention and not tumbleweed. The e-learning videos will also cover how to optimise an Instagram profile, how to create engaging videos which touch people’s souls rather than reduce them to tears of boredom, how to conquer Instagram Reels, Lives, stories, feed posts, IGTV, and optimise hashtags. They will look at the best Apps to use to support content creation, plus top tips on how to do it all if you are naturally shy and introverted and do not like the idea of putting yourself out there.
  • A ‘done-for-you’ treasure chest of 300 content ideas.
  • Sales conversion scripts and template answers to help clinicians convert social media enquiries into fully deposit paid, booked appointments.
  • A marketing essentials toolbox with plug-and-play Canva templates for content creation.
  • Advertising standards dos and don’ts so that all social media posts and promotional copy is compliant with UK advertising regulation.
  • An engagement rate calculator to easily work out how well you are doing.
  • Role model interviews with three nurses who are making a success of social media after using DCAM. They share their top tips for creating great content and what has worked the best for them during in-depth interviews with Miranda.
  • An MP4 download to allow clinicians to listen to the course on their phone whilst walking the dog or going for a run.
  • A PDF download of all the course materials and exercises.
  • Access to a closed Facebook group to be part of a tribe of likeminded aesthetic clinicians who can channel their collective hive mind.

Dr Tim Pearce eLearning

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