April 1, 2024

Aesthetics Mastery Programme Delegates with Dr TimBecoming a successful aesthetic clinical injector starts with the right training, mentorship, and a supportive community.

In this blog, we give you a teaser to a great podcast where Dr Tim Pearce is joined by Jay Singh from Skinviva Training Academy to discuss how he has helped countless medical professionals thrive in a career in aesthetic medicine. Jay shares insights on stepping out of your comfort zone, choosing the right mentor, and succeeding in this field.

If you are interested in joining Skinviva Trading Academy’s Aesthetic Mastery Programme for hands-on training with Dr Tim, find out more and sign up today. The Aesthetics Mastery Programme is a first-of-its-kind CPD-accredited programme that aims to create Master Aesthetic Clinicians through a programme comprised of five core clinical pillars (foundation sciences, art and science of aesthetics, technique, complications, and well-being) and three core business domains (innovation, marketing, and administration) – including seven practical courses, 10 eLearning courses, mentorship, expert coaching and more.

Being successful in medical aesthetics takes mindset, mentoring and practice

Getting started for their hour-long podcast chat about all things career and training, Dr Tim and Jay discuss the importance of understanding the aspirations and challenges faced by individuals entering the field of aesthetic medicine. They highlight common themes and obstacles experienced by medical professionals transitioning into medical aesthetics (usually from the NHS), emphasising the importance of mindset, training, and career advancement.

Touching on the motivations of individuals seeking careers in this private medical field, which include a desire for independence, flexibility, and additional income, Dr Tim shares his journey into aesthetics, driven by a need for more control over his work schedule and dissatisfaction with the lack of autonomy in his previous job. The pair discuss the challenges for many within the NHS healthcare system that are driving more and more clinicians to consider their options, including issues of burnout and financial constraints. Tim emphasises the importance of pursuing happiness and fulfilment, even if it means transitioning away from traditional medical roles.

The conversation touches upon the goals of individuals choosing to pivot to medical aesthetics and Jay notes that only a small percentage of the training delegates that he encounters have clear objectives when they are starting. Because of this, he explains the importance of asking probing questions so that training academies, like Skinviva, can get a comprehensive understanding of their delegates and help them clarify their goals and motivations to guide them effectively in their career path.

Considering the training landscape, the duo touches upon the issue of training quality in the aesthetics industry, noting concerns about crash courses and emphasising the need for more thorough, personalised training. They also delve into the topic of industry regulation in the UK and the challenges faced by newcomers, including fears of the unknown (whilst we await news on a licensing scheme) and the importance of mentorship and community support within the sector. There is much to be gained from stepping out of one’s comfort zone, sharing experiences, and learning from failures to achieve success and underscore the value of continuous learning, mentorship, and practical experience in the aesthetics field.

Moving on, Jay reflects on his initial perceptions or perhaps misperceptions of medical aesthetics and the shift in his understanding towards its psychological benefits. They discuss the responsibility of practitioners to prioritise the well-being of their patients over financial gain and the importance of building strong relationships with them. Dr Tim highlights the role of cosmetic treatments in enhancing confidence and facilitating human connections. He emphasises that aesthetics is not merely about vanity but about basic survival mechanisms and emotional connection, addressing fundamental human needs to collaborate effectively.

Overall, their conversation explores the motivations, challenges, and ethical considerations involved in pursuing a career in medical aesthetics, taken from a medical standpoint. It emphasises the importance of understanding individual motivations, prioritising patient well-being, and recognising the psychological aspects of aesthetic treatments, alongside ongoing education and support.

You can watch the full podcast with Dr Tim and Jay below.

Aesthetics Mastery Show

How to go from overworked medical professional to successful aesthetic injector.

Dr Tim says:

“Becoming a successful aesthetic injector starts with the right training, mentorship, and a supportive community. That’s why I’ve invited Jay to join me on this episode. He’s the mastermind behind Skinviva’s Training Academy, where he’s helped countless medical professionals thrive in aesthetics. Jay shares insights on stepping out of your comfort zone, choosing the right mentor, and succeeding in this field.”

Watch the full Aesthetics Mastery Show here.

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3D Anatomy Learning Experience

3D learning experience movement

In the next few weeks, Dr Tim Pearce is going to be launching something amazing that involves an incredible 3D learning experience for injectors, a community of clinicians on the same mission as you to help you achieve your goals, and exclusive online access to him and his team, to help you become a pro injector. Be the first to join the movement by joining the priority waiting list.

Injectable eLearning Courses

If you want to increase your knowledge about safe and effective injectable treatments, Dr Tim Pearce offers a series of fabulous courses. The foundation level is a popular starting point, with many delegates continuing to complications courses focused around safety, including how to minimise the risk and how to handle things if the worst occurs:

Both give CPD and certificates on completion and are highly rated by our delegates.

In addition, browse our FREE downloadable resources.

Dr Tim Pearce eLearning

Dr Tim Pearce MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP founded his eLearning concept in 2016 in order to provide readily accessible BOTOX® and dermal filler online courses for fellow Medical Aesthetics practitioners. His objective was to raise standards within the industry – a principle which remains just as relevant today.

Our exclusive video-led courses are designed to build confidence, knowledge and technique at every stage, working from foundation level to advanced treatments and management of complications.

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