July 12, 2019

Our experienced clinicians know that it’s not easy to become a master in Facial Anatomy.

There is a lot to learn, such as, the placement of the arteries, where the muscles are, etc.

Here at SkinViva Training in Manchester our resident Clinicians have created 3 tips to help you on your journey.

  1. Memorise 2D diagrams

Textbooks are a fundamental way in which you will develop your knowledge of Facial Anatomy.

Every textbook you pick up will have a variety of diagrams on the anatomy of the face.

These diagrams will give you a 2D physical representation of the anatomy you need to learn.

If you can thoroughly memorise these, you should be able to label the arteries on an image of the face.

  1. Create your own sound bites.

Once you have grasped this knowledge it is important that you retain it.

There are a number of techniques to memorise information.

One that I’ve found most is sound bites, using a key line or sentence to help you remember.

An example;

“the superior labial artery is a bit like the loch ness monster as it swims along the vermillion border”.

  1. Look at real specimens (The Gold Standard)

After truly grasping the hypothetical knowledge of the facial anatomy it is a must that you see real life examples as every client you see will have a different anatomical face.

The knowledge you have learnt will act as a guide, but you will have to adjust your knowledge for each patient.

If you aren’t already in practice, there are number of ways you can see some real-life examples; Books, Internet and a Cadaver course.

The key thing to take away from this is that you must use all the sources available to you to build up your own mental model of the anatomy

The more 3 dimensional and the higher the resolution, the more confident and safer you get.


To truly master the anatomical structure of the face you can also take a Cadaver course.

At this course you will examine a cadaver and can physically see the anatomical structure that is under the face.

If you would be interested in taking part in this follow the link below.


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