To Nurture Medical Professionals to Develop Ethical and Successful Aesthetic Businesses that Elevate the Standing of Medical Aesthetics.

A Great Ethos Fuels Success

There is a huge range of skill, and attitude in medical aesthetics.  The wonderful discovery I have made over the last 8 years is that the really successful medical aesthetic practitioners are those who focus on what their clients really need.  Too many people feel that the focus needs to be on profit, or price.  I profoundly disagree,  the focus must be on the value you generate for your clients, while your profit should reflect the value you have added to the world. Safety, honesty, transparency, free expert advice,  patient centered treatment and of course stunning results.

Ethical businesses are more profitable and sustainable.

This may not be true with all industries, but I am pleased to say if you deal direct with people on an intimate and personal basis, success lies is in relentlessly doing the right thing. Those who do the best work, and have the happiest clients should be the most successful.  When those people define the industry,   the industry becomes trusted. Trust in an industry will allow it to prosper even further, as it responsibly and safely fulfils the needs of it’s patrons which naturally grow in number.

It’s a win-win-win

Aiming for excellence is obviously the right thing to do in a field so important to people’s happiness and function in society, but it’s also the most emotionally rewarding way to work, and I think it’s the perfect logical business strategy too.  It’s often felt that doing the right thing is likely to slow you down and reduce profit- but I have discovered the opposite.  People know a good thing when they find it, and they are happy to pay for it.  This approach means you get the human satisfaction of seeing people happy because of your work.  You get incredible loyalty, you get endless free word-of-mouth referrals, you make more money.   You are happy, your clients are happy, the field of medical aesthetics is more respected and trusted because of your work.

Constant Focus on Safety

Absolutely every action we can take as a risk/benefit ratio, even making a cup of tea can end badly!  It is impossible to have a zero risk system, but we can almost always imagine a way to make things safer.  For our patients, it’s vital that we challenge ourselves to always makes things safer rather than accepting the status quo.  There is a tragic irony of someone who has an insecurity about their looks suffering a complication or side effect that further damages their confidence.    In my training I will share with you at every opportunity the ways I have come up with to reduce the chance of harm coming to your patients.  I challenge you to think of more, and please let me know!

Continuous Improvement- ‘Kaizen’

kaizenI came across the word ‘Kaizen’ when I was just 11, and working on a school project about Japan.  It means ‘continuous improvement’.  This really appealed to me even then, the idea that things can always be better than they are.  Even if they are already really good!

I believe everything can be improved just a little, and once you’ve improved it, I think you should still keep looking for ways to improve things further. Incremental improvements in every field of your practice will eventually put you head and shoulders above the rest, and it means you will always be moving forward, and you will never get bored either!  Moreover, to keep up with you the competition will need to improve to keep up… or they will disappear.  Either way the world is a better place for the people we serve.

Know Your ‘Why’

dr tim babiesIf you want to really know what’s important to someone, ask them how they would like their children to remember them, and what they would like to teach their children.  I have two wonderful little boys, and having kids really did cement some of my core values.  I am an idealist, and I want in some way to contribute to making the world better for my kids, and I want them to see that the best way to make the most of your life, is through looking for ways to make other people’s lives better.  This outward looking approach is also the only way to be sure that when you are done, you can look back and be proud of what you contributed not just proud of the money you accumulated- because in the end you leave that behind.  The ideas you spread last a lot longer!

Know The Power of Practice

Before getting into aesthetics, I had my self pinned as a generalist.  Sure I was 7 or 8/10 at a lot of things, but not amazing at any one thing.  Then I learned the power of practice.  I focused, and became obsessed with one small arena, and it’s been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.  To be totally absorbed in a field, and to see the incredible results you can achieve when you keep practicing, reflecting, improving and challenging yourself to get better.

Know The Power of Great Communication

101-inspiring-quotes-about-communicationWe must always challenge ourselves to really see and feel what it’s like being the other person.  So many of life’s problems,  certainly most of your complaints,  most of your disappointed customers, and many of your relationship problems both private and personal come from assuming the other person sees the situation the same way you do but reacts differently because they are somehow unreasonable.   Taking the time to really get to know a person’s perspective before you explain your perspective inasmuch detail as possible is one of life’s great skills. We are all too quick to explain problems we see in people as disfunction.  We are quick to describe people as mad, bad, arrogant or stupid.   If you take the time to talk or listen more you may be surprised how similar they are to you, but the real secret is that this understanding gives YOU power to get what you want by communicating in a way that deals with their real self, rather than an illusion built to justify your understanding of the situation.

Know The Power of Persistence

PersistenceThe best things in life come on the other end of a long struggle.  The biggest thrills of existence can come at the end of months or years of trying, and failing.   You actually can’t get the immense reward without the immense struggle. My wife still talks about the day she learned to turn on a Snowboard as one of the best days of her life- she had struggled through pain and frustration that drove her to tears before it clicked, and the euphoria has stayed with her for years! It will feel the same as you build your business.  Nothing worth having comes easily.  You must be tenacious.

Accept your true self

So much of life you can waste trying to project an image that you think will be acceptable.  I see it all the time when people first start in aesthetics, and they create websites littered with corporate speak that completely shields their true self from view.    None of us are perfect, and that’s what makes us human.  Put your true self out there when you are ready, there is nothing more likely to generate trust than being open and honest about who you are and what you stand for.

Self Belief.

me-as-a-kidI was one of those weird kids who would walk around at age 5 telling everyone he wanted to be a doctor.  I was inspired by stories of my Aunt Dr Sarah Pearce very early on.  There was a story of her defibrillating a man and bringing him back to life and of being the youngest ever Consultant in the UK when she was I think just 26.

It so happens my journey would not be so quick!  I was also repeatedly told by people to be ‘realistic’.  There was a constant hum of doubters every single step of the way.  I went to some pretty mediocre schools, and ambition was almost frowned upon.   There were lots of people who helped and were supportive of me along the way, but only two who shared a burning and unshakable belief in the vision, and that was my mum, and me.

I didn’t flinch when my Teacher mocked me for misspelling paediatrician in a work experience report at age 14 and told me to find a ‘career you can spell’.  When my Biology teacher told me getting into medical school takes more than looking good in a white coat (nobody ever said I did sadly!).   When my aptitude test came out with ‘Prison Officer’ as my recommended career even though I actually tried to engineer my answers to say ‘doctor’.   Not one of those moments made me doubt myself.  Literally not for a second.  They just made me angry!

That brings me to my first value- self belief.   You will never be more successful than you think you can be, and therefore most people are limited by their self belief.  If you really believe you are capable of something, that is a huge part of the battle won.

That is a big part of this online training- I want to make it as easy as possible for you to build self belief, by seeing your skills develop in front of you. It’s a long learning curve but I’m here to shorten it by sharing everything I have learned in building my businesses and skills.

I hope to help you along this exciting journey and see you thrive!


Medical Director SkinViva ltd.

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