An Easy Way To Promote Your Value As A Healthcare Professional WITHOUT Coming Off As Braggy…

Patient Promise Pack

Attract new aesthetics patients by clearly displaying your status as a healthcare professional with The Patient Promise Pack:

Wear the prestigious Aesthetic Healthcare Professional pin badge with pride and take a selfie for your Instagram so that your potential patients know you’re regulated and safe, and are more likely to book.

​ Frame the Patient Promise poster for your clinic room and put a picture on social media so that your followers see how deeply caring you are, and trust you more.

​ Take fun selfies of you drinking from your ‘Keep Calm, I’m An Aesthetic Healthcare Professional’ mug; writing with your classy Patient Promise pen, and wearing your bag when you’re out and about. You might even get a booking in the supermarket queue!

​ Use the 4 beautifully designed Canva quote templates as Instagram posts so your followers are more likely to book because they see how seriously you take your duty of care as a Healthcare Professional.

​Complete the Value Audit to build self confidence by reminding yourself just how valuable you are as a Healthcare Professional.

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What’s Included?

Patient Promise Badge

Enamel Pin Badge

  • Prestigious pin badge for clinicians to wear with pride in clinic
  • ‘Rod of Asclepius’ & ‘Regulated’ design instantly recognisable as representing your clinical background and focus on safety.
  • ​Perfect for social media selfies
  • ​Size: 30mm
  • ​High quality enamel pin badge on rose gold plating with metal clutch
Patient Promise Poster

A4 Patient Promise Poster

  • Beautifully crafted manifesto by Dr Tim written as a promise from you to your patients, including phrases such as:
    ​​”My professional duty is to restore, enhance, maintain, and protect your mental, social, and physical health and well-being using my aesthetics skills.”
  • Great talking point with your patients in clinic
  • Perfect for social media posts.
  • Size: A4. 210 x 297mm.
Patient Promise Mug

‘Keep Calm’ Mug

  • Standard-sized white dishwasher safe mug
  • ​Light-hearted way to remind your followers you’re a Healthcare Professional & will keep them safe
  • ​​Perfect for social media selfies
Patient Promise Instagram Posts

4 Readymade Instagram Posts

  • 4 ​beautifully designed Patient Promise quote posts that you can use on your social media.
  • ​Fully customisable in the Canva app.
  • ​Reminds your followers how seriously you take your duty of care as a Healthcare Professional.
  • ​Perfect for Instagram / Facebook.
  • ​Size: ​1080 x 1350px.
Patient Promise Pen

Patient Promise Pen

  • Quality black ink pen with rose gold engraved quote:
    ​”My duty, my privilege & honour to treat & empower you.”
  • ​Perfect to use in clinic for consent form signing etc, to remind your patients of your values as a Healthcare Professional
  • ​Soft touch black barrel with rose gold clip and nose cone
Patient Promise Value Audit

Value Audit Proforma

  • Printed A4 value audit proforma for you to fill out
  • ​10 sections that will help you get clearer about exactly why your Healthcare Professional status adds value to your patients.
  • ​​This exercise will give you confidence and also ideas for social media posts.
Patient Promise Tote Bag

‘Keep Calm’ Tote Bag

  • 100% Natural coloured cotton tote
  • ​Dimensions: 39 x 42cm.
  • ​Wear your status as a Healthcare Professional with pride when you’re out and about!
  • ​​Perfect for social media selfies

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Note – this item is ONLY available for postage within the UK.
Cost of postage is included (FREE!).

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