Sunday 27th November 5pm

Learn the injection techniques of the world’s best lip injector, Julie Horne in an EXCLUSIVE LIVE online experience with Dr Tim Pearce

When my dear colleague and friend Julie Horne heard I was creating the 8D Lip Design e-learning, she was not only blown away by the amazing 3D animations and technique detail, but she was also curious…

What would happen if this entirely new way of teaching were combined with her own world-renowned lip mastery?

And so it was born…

An online event like you have NEVER seen before!

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Julie Horne stand over my shoulder (virtually!) and use the principles of 8D Lip Design to direct my injections.

  • Get inside Julie’s mind as she directs my every injection on a live model using the 8D methodology, so that you too can get those same results
  • ​​Learn how Julie designs the treatment so that you can steal her secrets and create incredible treatment plans yourself
  • ​​Be a fly on the wall to see exactly where Julie would place her needle to achieve height and crisp borders
  • ​BRAND NEW immersive filming experience using a close-up camera
  • ​Downloadable treatment plans sent to you afterwards
  • ​Lifetime access to the recording so don’t worry if you can’t attend live
  • ​90+ minutes webinar
  • ​Q & A opportunity – ask Julie & me your burning questions
Tim Pearce Julie Horne Event

Sunday 27th November 5pm

Ticket Price : £599 (Non refundable)

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