We have some challenges ahead…

In our recent survey, we found that over half of healthcare professionals who had made the decision are going to open. They may all be 100% right, but my fear is that many are looking to others to make the decision and following them, unfortunately, it’s more complex than that, and there is still uncertainty ahead.

I see 3 big factors creating major uncertainty:

1. It’s very likely that more detailed and official advice could emerge at any time to take this decision off our hands. Keep an eye on the official channels.

2. Beware of opinion, none of it is official, and though it’s useful if there is reasoning included, you are the only one responsible for what you decide to do and you need to justify it when the officials knock (..and they are already knocking).

3. Many people are taking the line that they are in the healthcare sector, not beauty. The JCCP has said that they don’t believe you can justify this simply by having a qualification in the sector. We all have to be aware that the uninformed will as a default see us as in the beauty sector.

The onus will be on us to prove otherwise. Are you ready to justify the claim that you are serving the health of your patients? This is not only about your credentials, but could be about how you triage, assess and consult them in a way that makes their psycho-social function at the centre of why you do or don’t treat.

This is obviously what we should all be doing anyway, but we all know it’s not always the way. How will you show that you’re different?

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