Botulinum Toxin Complications Course
& Dermal FIllers Complications Mastery

How to Manage & Avoid Botulinum Toxin Complications – £495

Botulinum Complications course covers modules including:

Eyelid Ptosis | Brow Ptosis | Cheek Ptosis | Lip Ptosis | Oedema | Haematoma

CPD accreditation – 2 hours theory online

botox complications

Normal Price – £495

Access the Dermal Filler Complications Group on Facebook

This course includes exclusive access to Dr Tim Pearce’s Dermal Filler Complications Facebook Group. Please contact our team on 0161 850 2491 to be added to the group.

How to Manage & Avoid Dermal Filler Complications – £995

Dermal Fillers Complications Mastery course covers modules including:

Impending Necrosis | Haematoma | Blindness | Nerve Injury | Infection | Salivary Gland Injury | Inflammatory Lesions | Non-Inflammatory Lesions | Stroke

CPD accreditation -5 hours theory online

filler complications

Normal Price – £995

Who is it For?

Dr Tim Pearce’s eLearning courses are aimed at medical professionals and do not replace the need for practical face-to-face training, which this course is designed to complement. This course is not suitable for non-medical practitioners and all medical practitioners should also seek practical hands-on training first, before purchasing eLearning

CPD Member LogoCPD Accreditation

These eLearning courses are fully accredited by the CPD Certification Service. The complications course package equates to the following CPD hours/points:

  • 7 hours theory online

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