August 29, 2016

This is Tim. He’s on the roof of the large shed he’s building.

tim shed roof

When I say he’s building it, I literally mean building… from scratch, and 100% by himself. No B&Q kit or instructions. Just a whole load of initiative, careful research and a big dollop of self belief.

But I can hear what you’re thinking. “I get it Miranda – you’re trying to motivate me to have self belief. Well, it’s all very well for TIM to have self belief – he’s Dr Tim! But I know nothing about engineering, how to reverse tear troughs, or how to get more clients when it seems like there’s more competitors than clients!”

Well, think about it for a second. Do you really think Tim was BORN knowing about shed-building, aesthetics-mastery, or how to run a successful business?


He gained those skills over time through hard graft, constantly feeding his mind with books and videos, and carefully tweaking his practice after feedback…

…all things that you can TOTALLY do as well.

You’re still not convinced are you? You’re thinking “But I’m at the bottom of the mountain Tim had to climb. It seems pretty freakin’ steep and I’m not sure I’ve got the energy or the road map I need. Plus I’m SURE he has some kind of god-given abilities that I don’t”.

You really wanna know the secret to Tim’s success?…You ready?….Lean in.


Let me explain.

WHY is Tim building a massive shed from scratch?

Not because he fears his bike being robbed, so need a locked shed to keep it in.

Not because he fears the house will get messy without somewhere to store his tools.

The reason he’s building a massive shed is because he wants a creative space to do loads of wonderful fulfilling things in, like carpentry that he’s passionate about, or messy-play with the kids, or creating world-beating aesthetics videos in his new studio corner!

tim building

He has a incredibly clear vision for his shed. He pictures a winter’s day. The wood burning stove is roaring (it’s a posh shed!). The kids are playing with clay or something equally as messy and he’s not the least bit worried about them smearing it on the sofa like he normally would be inside the house. And he’s at the other end of the shed doing some carpentry.

So, every morning when he gets to work on the shed, he’s excited to get going, positive about the possibilities, and most of all focused on what needs to be done to achieve his vision.

tim modelling creative

And because he’s playing from a position of love not fear, self doubt has no room to creep in because there’s too much excitement about reaching the vision.

“Ok Miranda, you’re starting to make some sense, but I’m still not sure how I can play from a position of love not fear, especially as I’m feeling pretty fearful at the moment about X, Y and Z things about by business?”

I hear you! There were lots of things in SkinViva that I started off feeling really fearful about. Clients getting horrible side effects; cold calling salons; VAT.

So much so, that you start to feel you can’t do anything because you’re just OVERWHELMED by the fear, right?

But, I learnt that when I set the agenda for what I focus on each day, when I closed my eyes and imagined my vision, I was no longer consumed by those fears – I had the emotional space to find solutions.

So, over to you. Here’s your homework. In fact, forget homework, DO IT RIGHT NOW:

CLOSE YOUR EYES and imagine all the wonderful things that having an aesthetics business will do for you. DO NOT slip into the trap of thinking about the hurdles in your way. Take yourself back to the very moment that you booked your first course and really FEEL the feeling of optimism you had then because you wanted to invest in your own skills, or because you love giving people the gift of confidence.

Now, create your vision, a bit like Tim’s. Literally PICTURE yourself only working Mondays and Tuesdays in the NHS and then having 2 days on aesthetics and maybe even 1 day for yourself (heaven forbid!!). Whatever works for you.

Or another vision might be, PICTURE yourself being a mentor for other injectors. Helping THEM to overcome their fears as you did through giving them the gift of your knowledge and confidence.

EACH MORNING, you must spend a few minutes focusing on your vision and what it will do for your life.

Truly imagine how it will feel walking out of your NHS job on a Tuesday and being incredibly excited for what the rest of he week holds. Imagine what that will do for your self esteem and for your relationships with your partners and friends, when you’re no longer moaning about the injustices at work, but instead you’re telling them stories about the great treatment do did today and how the client was so happy she cried!

Feels pretty good doesn’t it? Are you feeling fearful right now? Thought not.

You can open your eyes again now 😉