August 13, 2016
cliff jump

A few years ago Tim and I went on a camper-vanning adventure to New Zealand. We did all the usual outdoor activities: canoeing, hiking, wine tasting 😉.

But there was one activity, and one moment in particular, that will stay with me forever.

It happened at the edge of a cliff.

We were canyoning which is basically jumping off waterfalls into pools and sliding down natural water slides.

We’d been on the trip for a few hours when we came to ‘the big one’, a really high cliff jump-off that our instructor, Craig, had been hyping all day.

I don’t like heights, so I spent ages dithering at the top while the others stormed past me. I was beginning to panic, and stared longingly at the nice safe alternative, a nearby pathway down.

I turned back to Craig the instructor and said “I don’t think I can do it”.

And that’s when it happened.

Craig replied “Well if you can’t BACK YOURSELF, don’t do it”.

Craig was cleverly calling into question my ability to BELIEVE IN MYSELF and I wasn’t having that!

“You what?!!” I thought, and jumped straight off the cliff.

Craig had played me! But I had learnt an empowering lesson – that I wasn’t a quitter.

I’ve thought a lot about this moment since, but have really been reminded of it this week because I’ve been covering Georgie’s holiday (our Sales Consultant) so have been speaking to lots of clinicians starting out in aesthetics.

People who have done a course elsewhere in the past but didn’t jump off the cliff to implement their skills soon enough and so lost them.

People who panicked when faced with their first client, and chose the safe pathway next to the cliff by making an excuse to not treat them.

People who keep putting off starting by doing endless courses in random treatments and never getting going with any.

Sound familiar?

Well, if that’s you, I want to be your ‘Craig’ tonight and tell you…

…Stop making excuses and BACK YOURSELF!

This will not a leap of faith. Craig knew I could do it or else he wouldn’t have put me in that situation. Likewise, you have been trained by SkinViva Training now, you have our amazing manuals at your disposal. You know the safety margins, you know the doses, you have clinical and emotional back up on this community…