August 9, 2016

You know that feeling when your friend persuades you to go on a ride you hadn’t planned to at Alton Towers. You get strapped in, the carriage begins moving, and when you’re finally at the top waiting to be flung over the edge, you get the terror and wish you hadn’t got on in the first place!

Don’t know about you, but I get those “Let me off!” moments in business too.

Like when I discovered that a salon I’d just signed up thought I meant they’d receive 30% of the treatment price, instead of £30 per paying appointment, and kicked off in front of a client.

Or when a client I predicted would be very difficult when she booked, sure enough calls up straight after treatment with a list of complaints as long as your arm.

I’ve also had euphoric moments at the top of the roller coaster.

Like when a celebrity first tweeted us, or when we got a record number of bookings from a demo night.

The problem with euphoric highs is they’re rarely what they’re cracked up to be.

We got no bookings from that celebrity tweet, and the majority of clients who booked at the euphoric demo night cancelled the next day – turns out I supplied too much booze!

The point is, highs and lows are unsustainable so we need to REFUSE TO BE DEFINED BY THEM.

Rather, we need to realise that those actions we take most consistently are the ones that will define us, whether they’re big or small.

If you CONSISTENTLY answer your phone to clients, even when it’s inconvenient, then you will become known for being accessible.

If you CONSISTENTLY approach each follow up with an open mind and gracious attitude, you will become known for great aftercare.

If you CONSISTENTLY treat your clients as individuals e.g. remember that their dog had an operation, I promise you they’ll notice and will refer their friends.

These small actions, delivered consistently every single day, will eventually become your brand and you won’t even need big sexy breakthrough moments.

You will have quietly broken through without even noticing.


In fact, the roller coaster’s lows can feel so bad that you want to get off the ride.

You’ve left it too long after training to start treating customers, so you tell yourself you can’t do it.

You find it hard to do the business side of things so you label yourself ‘Not business savvy’ and think “I should stick with what I know”.

You get a side effect and the client kicks off so you think: “This is too much hassle. I’ll put it down to experience and get back to my day job”.

Instead, take control of your thoughts and let the positive ones define you.

Ask yourself why you got into aesthetics in the first place.

Because you love to make people happy and you’ve always been interested in beauty.

Because you’re worried about the future of the NHS and you want a plan B.

Because you’re fascinated by aesthetic treatments and you love learning something new and investing in yourself.

They seem like pretty darn good reasons to me! Definitely worth staying around on the ride for.


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