July 7, 2016

Before you take a new course, you must believe you are capable.

The problem with learning something new is one of self belief.  Quite simply, people are thwarted when they don’t think they can do it. The initial enthusiasm is killed off by an over whelming sense that this time they have bitten off more than they can chew.  It often isn’t an intellectual assessment of the task at hand, but more an emotional one. It feels impossible.

How to power through the dark moments on a new learning curve:

The remedy is therefore not only about techniques of dividing up the learning or getting help- you can only do that when you are motivated.  The real way to get through a new learning curve is to train your brain to remain in a default state that it is possible, even inevitable that you will achieve this goal.


As I sit here at 6.30am trying to learn word press, it’s Louis CKs words in my head that keep me going.   He says when faced with a new and scary situation he always reminds himself that although he has never done this before, he has done thousands of other things he hadn’t done before!
There was once a time when you could’t read, write, walk, talk or hold a spoon.  You have come a long way!  The amazing thing about a lot of what you have achieved is that those skills are now so second nature that you don’t even remember the learning curve you went through.

It may be helpful to go back to a more recent task you mastered- perhaps like learning to drive.  Do you remember stalling, and shuddering and hitting curbs and nearly wanting to give up?  I do.

As I hit obstacle after obstacle learning wordpress I’ve got running in the background a constant sense that this is painful but it is also inevitable that I will master it if I continue.

The secret to success is not genius- it’s persistence.   I’ve learned that so many times, but you must have that at the forefront of your mind when you start, or you may never know your true potential. [easy-tweet tweet=”One thought that helps you master a new skill. ” hashtags=”#learning, #masteringskills, #motivation. “]